thursday morning

morning people

slept okish. weather is foggy and annoying, feeling :|. so it's thursday, thank god. had a shitty week so far. three exams, today last 4th, thank god. so woke up earlier to revise a bit. now drinking epicly strong coffee, thinking about how I'm gonna get wasted tonight. that's a must because it was a hard week, and I need to relax. also trying to make myself start revising, but is epicly hard.


1. fav coffee?

2. fav cigarettes?

3. fav booze?



1. don't really have any kind of brand I prefer, usually any coffee will do. just has to be strong. if there is sugar and milk I add both, but at work I drink it just black.

2. lucky strike, even though I only smoke occasionally

3. depends on if I just wanna get drunk or 'enjoy' something. anything goes :D
Good morning crossfire!
1. I fucking hate coffee, coz without it im feeling like i havent fullfilled my gasoline tank. but my favorite couldbe wouldbe JUHLAMOKKA.
2. Camel (I smoke 4 packs of Camel unfiltered cigarettes a day to help keep me strong.)
3. Beer, Wine, Vodka
camel hahahah. god I hate camel, they stink
1. Tea.
2. Lucky Strike, Javaanse Jongens.
3. Rum.
morning corssfirees,

had 3 foggy days in a row already, feeling sooo tired, is as bright outside as if it was snowing for 3 days already...just without the snow... getting a headache :(

1. don't like coffee at all
2. none-smoker
3. vodka(just not the real cheap stuff :S),jägermeister. hate rum.
Milk & sugar


Smirnoff Wodka

don't care bout rest
good morning cf :-)

1. coffee with milk
2. Gauloises
3. Rum & Beer ( Stauder! )

Wish you the best for today, especially for tonight! :p

1. do not drink coffee
2. do not smoke (except when i party hard and when i'm wasted). i've never bought any cigaret.. i'd rather have a cigar twice a month :)
3. beer, of course. Strong beers when i want to relax (Trappists & Abbey beers) & pils when i want to get wasted and vomit. Anyway, i really enjoy Jägermeister too but my favorite one is Cognac. Jesus Christ, this is the most amazing beverage i've ever drunk!

e: where is Schnee? Did i miss something in the past days?

e2: just opened my window: what a fucking day, hell yeah! The weather is awesome!

e3: according to your song, i'd like two pitta falafel :)
so u're saying my song rocks?

schnee's on sex rehab atm
Your song makes me feel like i'm at the Mykonos in Brussel, ordering some pittas and stuffs like this. i'm hungry!! :D
this is a song for 5:00 am, when there's only u and 2 friends left on the dance floor with a bottle of beer, hugged dancing and tripping each other :)
do you really listen to this type of music at parties?
i would felt down on my knees (not even on a chair) because this song sounds so.. sad! :[
I see u never saw a balkan party.

we listen to danza kuduro, marc anthony and all that crap, then after midnight we switch to croatian songs and cajke, so if u don't hook up with anyone till like 3 am, then u find a couple of wasted friends and sing songs like these. it's not about the melody, it's about lyrics, and lyrics is epic. these kind of song usually sing about alcohol, our country, landscape, love etc. :D
if i'm still "cless" at 3am, it's time to spend my latest euro and destroy myself
agreed, but with a kick ass song like this one :)
1. just black coffee ;)

2. lucky strike red. I ve quit smoking tho ;<

3. whiskey and beer

1. Tea

2. Camel Blue

3. Jameson / Johnnie Walker
1) dont drink enough to have a fav

2) dont smoke unless really drunk

3) if i want a nice drink --> Rekorderlig cider or Kopparberg, if i have no money --> supermarket cider with blackcurrant juice
1) Douwe Egberts
2) Don't smoke
3) Vodka
1) Random Espresso
2) -
3) Beer, Whisky, Russian Standard!
1) none
2) none
3) Korn

1. fav coffee? Don't drink coffee, the occasional dunkaccino from Dunkin' dounts

2. fav cigarettes? Don't smoke

3. fav booze? Don't drink

Well I got home from college at 9:00 yesterday at night and played some MW3 on my friend's PS3. Got work today from 2:00-6:00, and I'm still not sure how to work the complicated register :<.
Awkward story: Some lady with big ass jugs came to buy some bras and she came to register. So as I was scanning the bra, I couldn't help but smile. Noticing my she to started smiling. Then the fucking bra wouldn't scan over the scanner. After fucking 20+ swipes it finally went through. I looked like a piece of shit waving a bra ferociously over the register. Fucking awkward moment man.
1. Black ofcourse
2. West/Lucky Strike/Weed
3. Beeeeeer :D!
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