you are oldschool on crossfire

when you remember;

when people made fun of you if you had more views than hits.


member for > 6 years

what else?
Remember a time when you could have a rational argument with someone on this site, instead of the 'lol u mad i was only trolling lolol epic fail :XD' this site has grown accustomed to.
Quotewhen people made fun of you if you had more views than hits.

oh boy.
fumble is oldschool
what if... i do know swertcw but aint a member for > 6years? am i midschool?
I know a time on Crossfire with no pictures just words.
But now YOU guys calling me retard for posting journals.

Why are you posting Not Funny pictures then?

Yeah, CF is totally dead.
Fuck you all for killing CF.
Kiss my ass!
always had a shitty ping on that piece of shit! :(
was hosted in sweden, perfect for me :D
#hayastan is oldskool
stop painting nostalgia in pink. i first signed to this site when i was 15-16 years old and at that time that was the average age around here, and it still is. nothing has changed- we were as childish as the 2011 cf user, the only difference is that today internet jokes are actually funny
You havent changed if you consider jokes somehow better these days ;)
i find some rage comics hilarious :)
yeah that's true, some of them actually have some meaning :P
loved the ETTV matches back in the days, but now it's just dumb somehow

now i know why i loved ETTV, cause you needed to be pro. now everyone can be on ETTV, i know it's fair, but it's not that special anymore
"Insert Flyingdj vagina quote"
when you dont feel the need to make journals about it because you already know you're better than everybody else
One of the best moments I remember happpened with me on the well known public server, called efterlyst. I was standing as an axis player on the balcony on the old version of goldrush. The tank was just repaired, the enemy (at least 5 allies players) just spawned and was strafe jumping down on the slope. I was leaning, they did not see me. When they were close to me, I started stabbing the air and made myself visible. When they saw me, they did not stop, even not for a moment. All of them continued strafe jumping, all 5 of them changed to knife and started stabbing the air. Also vsay_cheer was used by most of them. Though this was the first time I changed to knife on that day, even so a single bullet wasn't shot, I wasn't injured, they ran away.

If I would do the same today, I would not stab twice in the air, I would be riddled with smg bullets by all 5.

For me this is the biggest difference.
So true... there have been so many nice publics and the whole gameplay & players were totally different. It wasn't just about ramboing around for 15 minutes to have the most dmg & frags and then to not press ready so people will see your awesome 1337 stats.
The good old times on public... :,( miss them too!
played a christmas cup one time in 2005 or 6 with IOS, on that santa claus map!!!!!!!! That was awesome!! We got to the final and lost because the server was swedish and we al had 600 odd ping >D
Efterlyst and Bio being skilled and you having to wait 30 mins+ to get on the server no matter what time it was
My first experience with ET and more precisely Oasis is quite nostalgic. I rushed towards allied spawn from old city, I took the middle route and got killed close to the tunnels. Whenever a teammate passed by, I was cursing that my character didnt put any effort into wanting to get rescued. I'm of course talking about the 'call-for-help'' animation. Every once in a while a teammate would show up and revive me (after the usual weapon scrolling) and soon after I got shot down again. Whenever opponent came by, I was telling my character NOT TO GET UP but he did, he did it twice. The allied guy who had stopped to look at me decided to shoot at me, first one bullet, then few more until finally he held the button and I was gibbed. I thought the game was over. :( ...until I respawned. what a game.
when i used a saw to massacre my 7.1 headset then share pics on crossfire ~ 5years ago
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