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I recently bought a PS3. Now I want to use my Sennheiser PC headset also on the PS3. It's a traditional headset with a green & pink audio cable (plugs).

I know you have from those little converters who convert the 2 traditional audio in cables from a PC headset to USB so you can use them on your playstation.

But I rly can't find them, have already been browsing the net and calling some local stores...

Anyone can help me???
what's the frequency range of the headset?
should be in your every electronics store, go ask the cashiers or smth
+1, at least they are everywhere here in EE
you dont hear the game sounds from usb headphones on ps3, only voice chats, just so you know
I know... But that's no problem. It's to speak with my friends ofc :)
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Im sure they have it at mediamarkt/saturn

You need something like the overpriced logitech one, think you can get them for 10 euro. first one is an usb soundcard that would be no good for you ^^
I think it would be easier to just buy another headset :p

edit: in zeh Netherlands we have a store-chain called handyman, they have all sorts of simular stuff. You could try giving them a call, couldnt find it on the website because its world worst website, but their shops are usually quite nice for these sort of matters.
plug the headset into the tv ?
Mediaworld and Trony have it
what mike said
Gast, stopt is me alles hier op cf te poste en zoekt zelf is wa op man.
Das hier gene fucking helpdesk eh.

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