External HD Recommendations

So apparentely my my external hd is corrupted, and conflicts with my ssd making it refuse to boot my pc, so im in need of a new one.

500gb - 1tb
not extremely expensive
can be either external or internal

fire away cf :)
Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex, got 1TB and its fast, it has dettachable interface so you can switch between usb 2.0/usb 3.0/firewire/e-sata and so far I havent experienced anything disturbing with it.
*fire fire fire*
Apacer or Acer :)
QuoteExternal HD Recommendations

Quotecan be either external or internal
im sorry, but i just changed my mind while writing
recently bought myself the WD MyElite (1TB) and i'm pretty pleased with it.
WD all the way. Never ever had a broken WD HDD, external or internal. However they are not the cheapest!
as stated above, WD all the way
I've had this baby for about 2 years now. Dropped 3 times from at least a meter high on to concrete and working flawlessly. The only pain in the ass is the software that comes with it, but a good ol' format does the trick!
I wouldnt buy a HDD at the moment, prices are really high. The Samsing F3 (1TB) which I bought half year ago for 45 euro costs 140 euro now. Just buy an external one which is priced down in a local MediaMarkt or Dynabyte or whatever if you really need it,
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