SIMOON needs a BNC

Since I can't trust Edgar and YCN about BNCs (according to this journal), I am in need of a good and stable BNC.
I prefer a -sBNC cause it rock and I can easily set it up.

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I need one also. Won't be renewing YCN server either.
tits or gtfo
i also need one pm me here.
#brainlag talk to myS/zentic, he got some bnc's left!
try #kamz , gave me 3 bncs with 99% uptime
zlol Kamz killing ycn
idd me too, he also kept leaving et.6on6 and joining WHILE I WAS STILL CONNECTED TO THE BNC LOLLLL
yes. plz also give me a bnc! my life would be totally ruined, if i couldnt join irc without a bouncer! plz help me! connecting without is too much effort for a weak, little being like me! plz give me a bouncer too! i desperately need it to drown my e-sorrows and be happy again, living a joyful life, else i surely would hang myself irl! i cant live without a bouncer!
no just a man who speaks true words :X
nee, nur einer der keinen bnc braucht :)
/q moi

/q ''hEAVENn'off ou ''hEAVENn sur ( je suis tout en haut )
#BubbleHoster ;D
"Since I can't trust Edgar and YCN about BNCs"

Thats bs, one person in YCN doing that doesn't mean that you can't trust whole YCN. Marcus said that he took action about it.
Make statement, main news.
xD well ye I guess that it is possible, if you dont mean it sarcastic :P
No, it would only do you good, since many users have been "violated".
I agree with Mike on this, would be good to hear an official statement ;)
I agree.
You should make a news to explain what happened, what will happen to Edgar, and some apologize
Well its basically quite simple after what I heard, Edgar had his own sBNC process which had nothing to do with YCN so if there would have to be someone apologising, it's him. Not sure if Evgeny or Marcus wants to put some official statement for that on it.
Chick 1 > Chick 2
/q photosynthesis
i need one too :)
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