internetz in Czech Republic 3

For all baggiezes, saKens, Kartezes.. and other whiners.. I have disappointing news for you. You have to come up with new excuse when playing with me. I am no warper anymore. New provider did the magic. Internet is much slower, but much much more stable. So haters.. DEAL WITH IT.

Anyway I think that this journal should be moved to News, or atleast Other News, so whole community knows this important information.
better be there tonight, prac hard go pro ahahah
I did take notice of it, and will spread the word.
May the good spirits be with you
finally ;)
agreed, news
show us your connection on speedtest!
image: 51043947
downloading atm, so wont do speedtest now :o but when dl is done, I will up it here ;)
:) I didnt say my internet is perfect, only that it is stable :D and much better than previous one :o
anyway gratz to ping 12, very nice :D
image: 51046097
never had a ping lower than 50 with that tho'
I dont believe its your net :D Know you way too good to believe :D
explain me, whats funny about that
People saying that PL lags etc
oh, you cant listen to people!
wb G-Clon :)
from med+ to low+
if I were you, I would be quiet :D
it's not like simoon's ever been something else than low+
you said it!
ofc i did, he knows it dont worry
u changed your connection to a slower one just because people were whining ? :S
well, it was one of the reasons, but not the most important one.
what made me change my provider was fact that I hated my warping too - made the game not as enjoyeable as it is with stable connection.
and what made me change it "asap" after my decision was fact, that I had pings around 2k recently in the evenings :D
image: 51044501

image: 51044667

image: 51044756

this is how I roll, so dont complain bitch
image: 51046579

cant test packetloss - fuck yeah
gg greeenieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
youre still awesome green
Czech Republic ?

image: 20111122184811K
le plus one

Ur still warping dude
The warping made you unhittable and you had a fast connection. Then you decided to downgrade to a much slower one so people can have an easier time hitting you

image: wtf
*so I have an easier time to hit them
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