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Inspired by the journal about the games that just got released (MW3,BF3,Skyrim,Saints Row etc.) and seeing i don't have the computer to run that shit I decided to look for some old games i used to enjoy.

Oddworld (Abe's Oddysee,Abe's Exodus,Munch's Oddysee,Stranger's Wrath)!

image: O017.Oddworld_Abes_Odyssey-front

Civilization Series

Alone in the Dark

Monkey Island

image: Monkey_island


image: 734

C&C Series!

I would like you to also contribute by remembering old games that you also played!

Have a nice day!!

image: 188
I played transport tycoon 24/7 when I was young.

I also enjoyed holiday island :)
trains were OP anyway
totally, but the whole economy system was way too easy (on easy :) )

imo, trains were only OP compared to the UP trucks
simcity2000 , PoP
age of empires!
We played that game at lan with friends. We found out that you can make different voices typing numbers in chat. Everybody spammed those sounds and then one of my friends computer crashed:( poor him
the best!!!

image: kung_fu

image: spy_vs_spy_01


image: Cncra-win-cover
i nerded this game for 15 hours straight as a ten year old. good times.
i agree with you also spent quite a lot of time on h3
First proper pc-game played, loved it <3
simply not an option for the old good game : D
The shadow of DEATH!!
What an epic name.
Hahaha ^^
maybe the name is not typical but it is very interesting game
no don't get me wrong i like the name!
It reminds me of those old movies which had such names that wouldn't ever show up nowadays. B-Movie style.
haa good my mistake
how you don't have a pc to run em? i have an 8800GT and Q6600 and i run everything on max...this kind of pc should cost you nearly nothing now days
image: Jagged_Alliance_2_Gold_TacticalScreen_Screenshot

jagged alliance online

Hamburg/Eschborn, 18.11.11 – Today is the day: gamigo’s Jagged Alliance Online, the offshoot of the legendary turn-based strategy series, is going into closed beta testing. Selected strategists can now jump in and experience exciting battles in this turn-based strategy hit for themselves.

Features of Jagged Alliance Online at a glance:

• Top-notch 3D graphics based on the Unity 3D engine
• More than 100 missions in all corners of the world
• More than 60 types of mercenaries with individual attributes
• Hundreds of different weapons and countless equipment items
• Expandable player-owned headquarters with many options for upgrading
• New tactical challenges from a variety of mission objectives
• Differentiated AI with a number of opponent types and traits
• Special PvP missions with an honor system for players
ET hahah
die is goed man die game!!!
HAHA, got three of those games :)
oddworld is pure win!
anyone remembers that skiing game where you could throw snowballs, slide down a hill with a tyre or drive in a half pipe?
that games got to be atleast 15 years old but i have no idea what the name is
fuck yeah! thanks a lot :D
oh the memories
Didnt even remember it until your comment, have to get it via emulator now :D Wonder if it works on phone...
that game was the bomb. seriously. found an emulator, lets see if we can get this baby running!
Oddsworld :) It's kinda sad how few games I remember I used to play a lot. A lot of the PS & N64 games. Some Nintendo & Supernintendo ones.

Oh well good times!
All Oddsworld games for sale on steam for 5€ ;D
wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 2D
paperman, bomberman !!!!
and there was some arcade game with an agent. cant remember name ! =)
nooooooooo :(

epic win best game ever
image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQQadRVxI5fL8qFzSu1J11R5jpXLS1-COqnWtVY67CWuqaSLifp
Best. Game. Ever.

image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRuP4X94ioUnzdaI2scVeAvBQBpg14W5fG5M__hz_m1lt6sW-vagA
Who doesnt know this game? =O

image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSIPgv1GRdYQi74fPoCWDT2y0qaq0bLGzV1ci1uqYSHWq7ETrbW
First MMORPG <3

image: Cncra-win-cover

Pew. Pew

image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR6_6Tid2iNnjfJQeFX7NxKAW9kcr4lfJfdtKlERt2TJvzpvAIsbQ
Nerd style.
Might & Magic is toch door Nederlanders gemaakt?
QuoteMight and Magic (MM) is a series of role-playing video games from New World Computing, which in 1996 became a subsidiary of The 3DO Company. The producer of the series was Jon Van Caneghem.[1]

Might and Magic is considered one of the defining examples of early PC role-playing games, along with the Bard's Tale, Ultima and Wizardry series.[2]
image: Warlords_III_-_Darklords_Rising_Ingame1
intense actions

image: intertwine
modern old game

image: sid_meier.s_alpha_centauri_patch-289451-1253170963
way better than civ!

image: tie-fighter
oh my

image: Imperialism_1
oh my oh my http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/26747/Imperialism.html
Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Planescape: Torment

Greatest games ever made as far as I'm concerned. Most computers will have no problem running these games. Although Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar may be hard to get into due to it's unusual controls and manual 'DRM'. Planescape: Torment is an easy RPG to get into though, especially if you've played Baldur's Gate. Civilization and strategy players will feel right at home with Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

Also, Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar is free.


For you The Elder Scrolls and especially Skyrim fans, you may want to try the games that inspired them in the first place: Ultima Underworld and Ultima 7. I haven't played them myself, but a lot of old RPG fogeys hold them on a pedestal.
Wacky Wheels
image: WackyWheels%25285%2529
image: wacky
Fucking best game ever!
wont mention already mentioned, so
image: Dune-2
Won't mention already mentioned:

C&C Series...
It's dune 2
yeah, dune 2! awesome game :)
played it recently too :o
Killer Instinct with Emulator
image: 30520-killer-instinct-snes-screenshot-riptor-jumps-on-spinals
Not really "that" old, but super epic

image: goldeneye_007_game_still


image: mariokart64%202
Shadow of the Ninja

image: ShadowOfTheNinjaInline2_1278954019

Duke Nukem 3d

image: duke-nukem-3d-1-1

image: Screenshot-1

so many games : (
Star Control 2 (or awsome freeware remake The Ur-quan Masters)
Master of Orion 1 & 2
Independece War 2: Edge of Chaos
Operation Flashpoint: Coldwar Crisis/ ArmA: Coldwar Assault (same game)
Brokensword series
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Planescape: Torment
Gothic 1 & 2
Freespace 2
Crusader: No remorse

imho old games>>>new games
i agree, new games are all blur no content.
no crash bandicoots yet?!
at least i played a lot of those when i was younger.

CTR was a beast
golden axe, so great game!
image: 92316-Albion_(1996)(Blue_Byte)-1
Albion, my all-time favorite game.

image: egawalls-screenshot

image: Pinball-Dreaming-Fantasies
image: pbf_bones

Pinball Fantasies, nerded this game so hard :[

image: aladdin2
Aladdin, as well as Lion King etc., good Disney games

image: 3329-CenterCourtTennis
Center Court Tennis

image: Megarace_02

image: skunnyk
Skunny Kart

image: World_map
Magic Shandalar

image: skyroads


image: a8790_golden_axe

Golden Axe, first game I ever played on the PC with gamepads. So amazing.

Probably many, many more to add!
image: 5823_medium

Downloadable from ISOHUNT
Rollercoaster tycoon & Red Alert obv.
Bullfrog :)
I still play DKII
bullfrog games = deffinition of awesome
i wonder what became of them
taken over by EA or some other big name
image: cyberdogs

image: paperboygameplay

image: Syndicate_wars-screenshot_combat_01
syndicate wars

image: kirby

image: keen2
commander keen

image: jazz2
jazz jackrabbit

image: stunts1

image: Turtles%20NES%202

image: 35913-Super_Street_Fighter_II_-_The_New_Challengers_(USA)-3-thumb
streetfighter 2

image: 8959-CastleoftheWinds
castle of the winds

image: knights_and_merchants2
Knights and merchants

image: ducktales2_nes_03

image: Warcraft_6
warcraft 1 & 2

image: supaplex

image: the-lion-king-pc-game-dos-dosbox-1
lion king

and some of the regular games, Championship manager, fallout, final fantasy, doom, duke nukem 3d, wolf3d etc
Depends what you see as old. For me, it's PS1, N64 etc.

image: 197909_42494_front

image: goldeneye_box

image: front~2

image: Super_Mario_64_box_cover

And my favorite game of all time.

image: 2a91c523ba31031dffa83b8da3358916-The_Legend_of_Zelda__A_Link_to_the_Past
They're doing a remake of 007 golden eye on ps3 ;D I saw a commercial somewhere!
I think it's Goldeneye: reloaded!
Woooo need more snes rpg's

Final Fantasy VI

image: Ff6-logo

Chrono Trigger

image: 51BC8Mv-x2L._SL500_AA300_

Secret of Mana

image: Secret%2Bof%2BMana%2B%2528Europe%2529_snes
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