How much do you burn?

take the test.

apparently I burn 2984 calories a day, but this test isn't very accurate because it doesn't take into consideration your DNA and what you eat.
i burn like 2 grams a day
haha thought the same ;d
thought the same when reading the title, but it's just around 1 gr for me :P
haha you started smoking again:P? i was just bullshiting with that 2 gram anyway
yea, i started again. But it's less as i used to smoke. And it's not 1 gr every day, it's more the max i smoke every day.
"You Burn 3598 Calories Each Day."

Come at me fat
Come fat me bro.
Um.. not too sure about my activity level because I have clanprac everyday??
Well every morning when I wake up, I jog around frostbite. I do around 5 laps or so.
Sometimes I do Goldrush.
and still you can't beat me in speedrun! boom
I'm fast as lightning bro, you better use your nikes bro
record time?
Well I did 16 minutes once.
then you crash your car and die. gg
oh real funny
2k calories
average burn for a guy is between 1500 to 2000
average to women goes from 1000-1500, so no, this test is not even slightly accurate...
so I burn twice as much as an average guy, cool story ;p
ur fucking amazing
and ur not
just like your biceps
more like 2000- 2500 for men
1500- 200 for women
haha ok, i was about to make a fucking cruel joke , couldnt do it was too harsh

have a nice day
i kinda figure out what the joke is about
no it's not at all do you live in a country of hobbits or something?
make a research on BMR
that doesn't take into account exercise, derp de derp..

Quote the number of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed all day.
of course, that is the point of it. most of the diets are built on BMR as you have clear indications depending on your desires...

how about the fact that not every exercise is the same? intensive running may take on average 300-500 calories, while gym is up to 200 calories. how the fuck can your BMR be as higher as 1000 calories? just get the point that your calculator is extremely faulty

burnning as much as 3k calories every day can be insane...
my original point still stands, you are wrong.
You Burn 3546 Calories Each Day, and i choosed active level: very active. 1 powerwalk in morning, then i gym later on the day and if i got time or if i feel for it i go for a run or powerwalk around 8-9 a clock :)
You Burn 3340 Calories Each Day Yes this is completely wrong tbh. Last few weeks Ive been consuming like 1500 - 2000 calories per day yet I dont lose weght. Even if I run round football or jogging on my treadmille.

This is wrong.
Quote by UNNAMED-DUTCH-PRO (3rd at CC6)I have that pala gets gassed and picked up by the PALAstinians
i was kind of surprised you didn't make a journal and let one of your friends to post an extremely funny punchline comment...

"You burn 2021 calories each day."

My metabolism is awesome, fuck this shitty website.
as I said it doesn't take into account peoples DNA.
2,5k and something. That is such a stupid "test"...
lbs? ft? never heard
why would I care about how much calories I burn...
when im incative i burn 2895 im fucking pro
QuoteHeight ft. in.
Weight lbs.

cba changing anything atm
Normal 1700 calories, army 2,5k - 3k
3176 kcal light going to the gym 3/5 days
fucking yay
15 Jews. Newb.
this fails, it says i burn 2k while i think its arround 500 or somthing
I'd like to buy a gram of weed from the coder, since he doesn't seem to know the difference between a calorie and a kilocalorie.
Well let's see uhh, swiping that mouse around burns a lot of calories you know. So probably 7000-8000 everyday.

Also I'm sure the masturbation uses a lot too, so probably closer to 9000-10000.
3003 :'/
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