videoclip for song

A friend of mine made this song and now we are planning to make a videoclip for it but we dont got inspiration :(?

+ do you like the song?

Any ideas (besides an et fragmovie :D )

random chick
fuck that song, I hate it sooooo bad :D (the original one I mean)
10 hot bitches stripping poolside with tigers
ghetto all about bitches money n bling bling
missing something or not missing something, some parts would prolly sound better without vocals. but ya go with the bitches, pool, tigers
ignore previous comment, this just started to sound good.

or lions and tigers fighting with some gorillas and eagles, TO THE DEATH
maybe i can ask the zoo if i can borrow there animals
they won't like it if you fight them TO THE DEATH though
iet me HoN misschien?
of iet me werklozen
kanker muziek, nederhop doei.
Idea for you:

record your city ( tower, ppl in the street @ fast forward )

with maybe one guy/girl with "censured face or whole body" appearing like every 30s/1min (to link with title :d )

ps: nice song
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