ET even more death

Quote16:08:46 @Kamzzz • Your posting rights have been revoked by TosspoT until eternity for Statement in PM of unwillingness to change behaviour..

Yes, my dear friends, ET is going down even more, now that the most active gamer and contributor can not even contribute anymore on our lovely site.

I know a few of you will be happy about this, but the ones who knew him, including me, are very sad to hear this.

Quote by KamzEntertainment value on Crossfire just went down big time

He can't be more right
Have fun IRL Manj mate
image: 300188_10150390435112346_697577345_8384769_1444109222_n

R.I.P. Crossfire / ET
who gives a shit about kamz
he /kills on 1v1 obj maps
No point using this site anymore tbh

Pretty lame From Baggiez
Quoterevoked by TosspoT

QuotePretty lame for Baggiez
stfu jon man
and black people are wondering why they are hated..
I could not care less
Now all we need is for you, searel and banga to face the same fate and crossfire will be a happy place for all to enjoy
i would give my gaming-arm for this to happen
and lefrancis
My behaviour isn't harmful and I don't spam CF anymore. Stop hating.
ok isnt but your "AnonymousLeFrancis" every second word is annoying;(
its marseille not finland ignorant!
faggots trying to re-use famous quotes by Wales myself, doesn't work .. just saying.
so u claim, after 15 replies of ":D" that it didnt work? i see
well my "GAME_OF_THE_YEAR" rolled in at least 150, so yeah :'D
6on6 skilled ns
Get lost with your "ET is dead" journals. It's up to you to move your ass and help saving it !
I am actually saving it
how does his ass taste?
more like ass+ballz+dick taste
Party with 5 people, great succes
there is more ppl when you party hard on vent Domim8
Luckily I dont party hard at vent, I party hard with students.
you so cool ^^
My personal favourite is gone :( who I ignore now?
exactly bro ;)
good riddance, well done toss
1. Stop playing ET.
2. Post daily on a site related to ET, claiming how the game is dead and no-one cares about the game, people that spend time on the game are nerds.
3. Exclaim you wish you had the time to play games, but you can't, because serious MA is serious.
4. Flame people daily for spending so much time on gaming.
5. Make a big newspost to announce you are back in the game, but make sure to state you will not be nerding since you are not active because you have a life and are not a nerd.
6. Get posting rights revoked, friends call you 'the most active gamer'
7.image: okay-face
gj TosspoT
Comment tu peux être pote avec un imbécile pareil ? :/
Aussi rare que cela soit, je plussoie.

La rime est offerte en bonus.
Finally :)!

Who's next !?!??
couldnt care less...
cmon..thats not fair...he was easily the funniest person here + hes a paki
Kamz gets his posting right revoked.

Seareal doesn't.

image: clap_kfd
Baggiez: You're clearly a mindless racist cunt

Obviously you're the racist.
Don't go deeper!
A fair call tbh. He's been doing absolutely nothing but acting immature as of lately. It looked as if his behaviour would change for a while, but recently he's been annoying.

If I would have been the one running the site, I'd have requested the same thing. Especially as Crossfire is currently aiming towards becoming a serious gaming community. It looks as if he was actually given a chance as well.

I'm all for forgiving and moving on, but seeing as this situation is a bit more infected than most this ban just might last for an eternity..
he's boring
you're boring

+ and then people wonder why I consider you niggers stupid...
hail the lord
In the end he deserved it, but there were multiple times when he didnt even deserve a revoke ultimately resulting in his extra troll/sarcastic contributions
Now he can't satisfy his histrionic needs anymore :(
I love you baggiez :')
he has tired to quit like 5 times and never cud, i think this "hf irl" is so retarded, honestly i think his life is over since he has proved that he is such a big geek:D:D:D (trying to quit and always cming back looool)

btw hardcore drinker, drinking sum chicks drink which probs has 2% alcohol lulz

ed: its funny to see his pictures, he looks like such a low selfsteem guy with no self confidence at all while on the internet he trys to be a hero. go to a therapist bro.
Can we just ban the cunts who are always acting like little dicks that don't care for anything within the ET community instead?
true fucking dat, at least Kamz cares for the community, take his 6o6 cups and movies.
its really hard to create a new account
2 shots
drunk as fuck
idd he cant drink to save his life, he once told me on teamspeack that was his second time drinking such a nerd
I like the way he said "this is nothing man"
you could pass as a garden gnome. shut the fuck up.
image: wtfkkgoeie

what is it or what do you see
to be honest, i dont even give a damn about anything that happens on this site

its just got so boring and annoying
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