BMW Never Again

Today was very bad, or maybe good, I dont know what to think about my accident.

Entered in my car, ready to go at my job place, but I had a weird feeling.
(I planned to go in my father's house friday with someone, distance = 800km )

Thats someone from my family, the one the most important in my eyes, my little sister.

As I know my car, not rly safe to drive it when its raining due to bmw's propulsion, I dont know why but I was thinking:
If I have to get an accident, it must be today, not another day ( because I prefer to have an accident while beeing alone in the car than beeing with my little sister, to not disturb or hurt her because otherwise I couldnt see me in a mirror again )

This is my car before ( bmw 318 tds compact ):
image: 35824267
image: 84231536

And as you read, I got an accident:
On the highway, driving around others trucks & cars for like 10mins.
Few minutes laters, there was NO ONE around me in both directions ( this highway is used to have all the time trucks & cars driving there, first time I was alone for a moment on this highway, since like 1 month of driving there )

So it was still raining a bit, there was some water on the ground because noone passed there before me,
There was a little shake because of the ground, and guess what??
At the same time, while im in this little shake from the wet road, a violent gust of wind slapped the left back of my car
and then my car did first a 180° to the left while the right front of my car touched the left highway's barrier, then my right back touched it also while my car was doing another 180° to the left to finish the 360° :xD.
Then I was in the right direction ( to drive in the road ) and went to the escape road.

This is my car now:
image: img0625rh
image: img0626nk
image: img0627tb
image: img0628rc
image: img0629zo

Motor should be fine, both bumper are dead, same for headlights, probably same for the 1st fan, direction's liquid pipe must be torn, damaged hood & front face and some covers around the front wheels because its also hard to turn the steering wheel..

Had no choice to leave the highway with my car (because cops would be annoying and make me pay some shit stuff), so I had to drive it, drove around 40km/h for the last km till my job place, arrived there with 1 hour late.

And yes, Im okay, not even shaken in the action, thats obvious, the 360° action was done in like ~2s, can only remember 3 screens.
First one when the wind slapped me, the car started to turn, was uncontrolable then I remember my car beeing at 180° and then when I was back in the right direction :O

Was rly busy when I came to my job and sat for few mins thinking about that shit, didnt know if I was happy or sad.

Happy to be fine, to be alone ( in the car, and around the car )
Sad for my car, and because Im like disapointed of bmw now ( thats my favourite car mark because of their look and inside design, even from their old car like e30 etc )
Thats my 2nd "accident" with that car, and the worst :/

my lovely first car, dunno if I can repair these shit (waste of € maybe) or If im gonna sell it like that, a mechanic guy will come and tell me more tomorrow.

I was driving since 06:00 this morning to go at my job place,
going by highway, was raining but not too much,
and then, a fucking gust of wind slapped the left back of my car.

ps: Used google translator for some technical words, and my shit english to make an understandable version :-D
then drive a prius instead if u cant handle a bmw
I can handle a lot of thing in my car, but hard to handle a such thing on this speed with all of these details :)
I see what you did there :D
Sucks, nice to see that you are ok, pretty scary for your car to do a 180-360 on the motorway. I bought a VW scirocco GT 2.0 TDI brand new in September and some faggot crashed into the back side of my car on a motorway roundabout and didnt stop/drove off. Especially with the car being brand new and expensive, i was pissed off to say the least. The car took it extremely well though and i cant fault the VW so far. Worst thing is that the police have done fuck all since i reported the accident and i know there are traffic cameras looking directly where he/she hit me...
saw some dickhead in a brand new golf gti decide to speed past someone on the ice roads this morning, he could stop for the corner, slammed all on and had no grip so he kept sliding, his car ended up with a nice big hole in the side of it
bei mercedes weggeworfen
dont understand whats uncontrollable with a BMW unless you dont like rear wheel drive (or if its an old shit car without power steering and stuff) :p
bmw is fucking dangerous to drive

in summer its awesome, but as soon as its rainy or freezing, its way too dangerous to drive.
bmw is immer kacke, aber wird meistens von türken gefahren, warum?
i could answer to that, but wont risk a ban :D nah, kisses to razzah.
warum ban? fällt halt nur auf das sehr viele türken immer sagen bmw beste und dabei find ich die wagen garnichtmal so schön ^^ und die megapower ham die jetzt auch net ^^
najo, man könnte halt den (meisten) türken die nötige intelligenz absprechen, das zu beurteilen :P
razzah hat nen guten geschmack! ach warte er is ja auch deutscher :<
aber nein ich glaub nicht das es daran liegt den nen arbeitkollege von mir ist auch türke und der weiß welche autos gut sind und hat ziehmlich guten geschmack ;)
ich glaube bei einem Bmw m5 touring g-power hurricane rs wirst selbst du nicht nein sagen.
ja so kommen immer alle, packen ne tuning firma aus die soviel an der karre machen das es nichtmal mehr aussieht wie nen bmw :D
also die Kombi Version sieht noch sehr stark nach einem Bmw aus.
why exactly? rwd?
driving @ highway
wind ( read more detail at long version )

the weight is in front of the car, the back of my car is going anywhere easily even at 30km/h ( had that a lot of time )
so it was imposible to take back the control with all of these stuff ( can do it at lower speed, as mentionned above )

ps: its not that I dislike propuslion, but more like annoyed :c
he prolly bought a used one that had been in a crash and had a botched up suspension
Nice driving skill you have
Have you ever a driving licence? or a Car? Perhaps no ..
or maybe I got it for 3 years ?
turkmobile anyway

didnt know you are turkish
y u remove licence tag on 1st pic, when u dont on the later ones?
Done that weeks ago to put it @ website like ebay but for french announce, so I just selected old pic from my computer
ooooooh damn
thats a fucking ugly bmw
just slow down on rainy roads...:x
l'élément le plus dangereux, c'était le pti renfoncement + le coup de vent de batard à l'arriere ;(
tu aurais été moins vite ca serait pas arrivé =)
50km/h sur l autoroute??
impossible de faire de l'aquaplanning a 50 sur l'autoroute ou alors il y avait 10cm d'eau :xD
c'était une question,
dois je rouler a 50km/h?
bah si les conditions le demandent, oui :)
Le vent ne te préviens pas ou il souffle hein :p

c'est la cause principale de l'accident, j'étais en ligne droite, c'était impossible de partir à moins que jmets un coup de volant.

Si j'aurais pas eu l'accident hier, avec aucune voiture/camions autour de moi, ça serait arriver aujourd'hui ( pleins de camions, voitures, avec le vent qui souffle régulièrement mais moins violent )
t'imagines que j'ai du rouler à 60-70km aujourd'hui avec une r19 rien qu'à cause des vents.

ps: ils parlaient de vent jusqu'à 150km/h à la radio :/
cool story bro
faggot blaming one of the best selling car brans instead of admitting he sucks at driving, nice
and you must be driving 250km/h everytime its raining, dont you???

not sure if you sucks at trolling or you fail at stupid
not trolling just joking, hope ur ok
Im not rly blaming bmw neither, I love them tbh :p

But that shit is just annoying me, even @ 30km/h sometime my car do aquaplaning ( the back of my car go anywhere )

and ye im ok, wasnt even shaken, thats obvious also
i understand
That's why traffic regulations tell you to slow down when the roads are wet and there is alot of wind, atleast here they do :P

Glad you're okay!
was like -30km/h to the max allowed when its raining :c
lol y u white out number plate for first pic but not for rest
glad ur ok dude

non vraiment, tant que t'as rien c'est le principal mais bmw ça reste de la bonne qualité (même si c'est dangereux a conduire à certains moments comme tu l'as dis dans ton poste quand il pleut&co)!

a une prochaine karton
ui mis a part que pleins de bm on les memes problemes ( different modele, serie, toujours les memes soucis )

sinon oui c est nice
My bmw is garaged for winter.
Landrover it is :)
hehe safe boy

i would like an old e30 for week end only, and safe car for going to job place / long traject :c
Ya e30's are really nice i have an e46 330 coupe atm :) m3 next :D
love that model also :p

give pic also
lol y u cannot into drive
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