New ET Star

No hax, pure skill.
just unhit...
I'd say game would be dead by the time he's at the right age, but I'm an optimist!

lol :-)
shake it a bit more and the kid will end up as high ego jaymod player on botservers
omg rambo medic :S revive...
what do you mean new? it's obviously razz few years back. bloody babyface
ahaha loled hard.
Certainly not a video of MarseilleLeFrancis in the past. My dad wouldn't wear such a shit T- shirt.
I heard this legend you are speaking of had a moustache from the day he was born. And would have repaired a tank or 2 and planted a dynamite in the video, all proves that it is'nt MarseilleLeFrancis
omg nerd ..
so this happened to seareal ;)
what if u replaced the dad with a washing machine?
haha so cute :D
this baby is now dead.
hahahah :D
Lol razz's son ;)
i play ET with mouse and keyboard

dunno what the baby is being trained for
From Norway ABB`s childhood?
This kid will be schoolshooter some day
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