LoL: 1 year ban gg

This account has been suspended until 28 December, 2012 due to banning from the Tribunal. Please visit for more information.

fuck the guy who made LoL and the system 1 fucking year ban. nerds report me cuz of nunu's ice BALLZ

e: random pic

did sol become admin there?
fat nerd mad cuz banned?

get new acc for ur f2p shitgame
You're mistaking it with HoN
reason? :D
e: figured it out, you suck even at this game
stfu noob, they ban me cuz i got like 8/1 with nunu, my ice BALLZ rolled them all
yeah, you got banned for positive (pretty good actually) stats. so what's the catch? :P
chriz is online^^
Merry Christmas!
wtf at jack sparrow
hon incoming
holy shit one year
New TZAC account - problem solved.
merry christmas :D
pretty old check the date LOL
merry christmas you son of a bitch
shit game anyway

you deserve it for playing it faggot
blame sol
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