Clown deleted his journal, and tbh i've never seen him do anything majorly lame before so i guess it wasn't fair to flame him =o). I wasn't purposefully trying to make a witch hunt or anything, so don't take it personally if people joined in.


Anyway, i just thought this was one of the more humorous posts lately, someone actually whining that their opponet tried to win: i guess it's true, ET is a fucking lame game, i mean what's it coming to when your opponent doesn't even have the manners to lay down, (Prone? i guess Knights are the only ones with true manners) while you rape them harder than a showering inmate.

Honestly i don't know wtf is wrong with this site, maybe it's because the games free, or maybe it's just because of the way ET is, but it seems to attract the very worst of internet trolls. Not really talking about the majority; but the vocal minority of retarded pre pubescant scum that frequent journals, news, etc.

Ah well, it'd just be nice to read some journals that consist of more than 3 links to <random funny video site that only seems to feature clips pre dating christ>, so for all you people who have intersting problems/queries/lives, post or something, holidays are boring without you.
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