kick ass reveillon party

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cya nect year cf folks
7 and 8 are the same
Edit it please.
2 more days left!
review of this journal:

wnb razzah like
"funpics" are all from 9gag
triple hide fail
7 & 8 are the same
next year is written wrong

0/10, sorry.
99% funpics are from 9gag and pr0gramm and ~50% of his chick pics are off pr0gramm, so razzah's journals arent really that good as they seem.

all oc stuff is from 4chan(other chans include) and the more socially acceptable pictures come from reddit

programm and such are just reposting stuff
o rly? not like i dont know that, but since most people dont lurk 4chan, save pics, upload and (re-)post them on cf they tend to link from sites such as posted above.
so i just commented on gemb's review.
well the picture dont originate from the sites you mentioned so...
war gut dieses red faction 3? hat mich damals irgendwie voll angenervt weil es so nette idee war und alles aber dann der content gefehlt hat. das neuste ist recht anständig gewesen, hab ich halb durch.
heute auch mal dieses wings of prey geholt womit du so viel zeit verbringst, ma sehen ob du was von games verstehst
wings of prey is auf jeden chillig Red Faction nur des Preises wegen geholt aber bin jetzt fast durch und da fehlt ne menge content indeed aber Haeuser mit Vorschlaghammer zu zerstoeren ist auch ohne Content geil Naja und ich bin Red Faction Veteran hab die ersten beiden bestimmt ueber 10 mal durchgezockt weil man damals nix anderes hatte
not rly but okay
randompics might be true. most pics are from reddit, lowbird and pr0gramm ( i dont even know 9gag)

the chicks arnt from pr0gramm at all :) maybe one chick every 2 journals max. Most are from thechive and some random tumblr accounts
dumpstersluts for randomgirls. tumblr has great content but since everyone can pick their own design its a pain in the ass getting to the pics imo
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