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1 Wheel Of Time 6:46
2 Senses 6:43
3 Tonal 5:33
4 Bring Me Down 6:07
5 Rainbows 5:34
6 The Mines 6:06
7 4th Illusion 5:40
8 Green Water 6:34
9 Aeeeh 6:21
10 Asteroids 7:24
11 Without You 7:06

This week sees the long-awaited release of Subwave's self-titled debut album on Metalheadz. Subwave's head-turning productions have seen the light of day on many labels over the years, including Critical, Shogun Audio and Hospital (not forgetting the his previous releases with us!).

As with all of Subwave's releases, this doesn't make concessions to tried-and-tested D&B templates, yet remains rooted in the sound. There's a tonne of textures and genres that the Russian uber-producer tips his hat to, whilst delivering an album that feels entirely at home in the Metalheadz discography.

Packing eleven full-length tracks, this digital release is a proper journey, taking in half-time rhythms, soaring atmospherics and moments of proper filth alongside Subwave's signature techno-inspired tribalist taken on D&B.

Any of you that are familiar with previous Subwave releases will no doubt be hyped to hear these tracks. For anyone not yet converted, get some Subwave in your systems!

I personally really like this album, im a big fan of Subwave and the album is even more appealing to me because of those non-dnb tracks!

One of the best from the album:
Ben Sims artist album. Slow, but goot.
download link?
saw it on mixmag some time ago. decent!
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