CODC - Mini D (Dizzle) - Freestyle #SmashDownTV

Brand new freestyle from Dizzle from Cream Ov Da Crop.

Main genre is grime, this is rap.

Find them at Facebook - Cream Ov Da Crop
that cap is too big for his head :D
Dick too big for rubber :)
that guy sux
Freestyle, like to see you do better:D...

Tunes like this?
so what if it's a freestyle? it's poor as fuck

(dont mistake freestyle with impro)
fucking trash. as usual.
Go suck Harris.
havent spoken to the guy for ages, and it was the other way around.

i am the catalan god, why would i suck off lesser beings....
and not just because i am god and he is not, but hes also a ginger...
That flag to me means Harris, he's a knob. I know what type of music you like, and I like that genre too... you need to widen your music taste bro... metal isn't gonna be around for long... nor Dubstep.
metal? dubstep?
what are you on about...
I've lived in london but im just not that into grime, jungle and garage music. and in this video, im not particularly fond of his accent...

Im not saying i hate all grime, hating a genre is ridiculous.
For example, blizzard is alright, he does rapbattles and drops some sick lines every now and then.

Still not my cup of tea.
what the fuck is this shit :--DD
It's musical content, what would you prefer, Justin Bieber? Lol fag.
Prefer Justin Bieber over this shit anytime, hes actually talented unlike ur fuckbuddy here
lmao, lmao what a fucking fag, you're a bellend bro... seriously, you queer loooooool.

Justin Bieber isnt talented at all?
And that's why CODC came from nothing (no job, or money from their parents/carers) to TV appearances, live radio appearance and own studio... Justin Bieber is auto-tuned and never sings live, check YouTube. He sings about girls and emotions, and has done since the age of 10? Now, who wrote those lyrics? Exactly, he got famous because his parents had money.

Atleast these have put the work in, pushed themselves and make money. They make everything from lyrics to the instrumentals and synths...

Wait and see, you'll see them on TV very very soon, on charts. You can't link with Devilman for nothing blud... or mention Kano?

Wait for the next release on iTunes bro, you'll see..
*clap* *clap*, ur mate has visited radio and whatnot, cool.

Justin Bieber cant sing? Okay, thats first time i hear someone saying this with serious face on. The kid got spotted on by a talent manager cause of hes ability to sing. He might use lots of autotune and whatnot, who cares? And quite obvious that u going to play playback when u do so many gigs as he does.

Doesnt really matter who writes and what, thats why there are writers/producers and they do that job for him, hes job is to entertain and do a jood job at it.

Justin surely pushes himself alot aswell, not often u can see kid doing what he does.

Im sorry to break it to u, but ur mates never gonna make it anywhere no matter how much u like them

QuoteYou can't link with Devilman for nothing blud... or mention Kano?

Have no idea what this means, lol.

Is Rihanna talentless aswell just like Bieber in ur eyes? They are both the same after all

Ps. Umberella writer made 15 million dollars on that song.
mind, Dont bother talking to him. He clearly doesn't know natural talent when it smacks him in the face. Makes me laugh when he starts saying "These people grew up with nothing... blah blah blah" It just prooves he is full of shit.

All in all I thin khe must be trolling because NO ONE with half a brain cell would find this entertaining, ofc, that is only after you have had your laugh about them trying to be black!
Yes because "Smash tv" is a house hold name. Quit trying to proove a point, you're just a chav who wants attention.
lmao, a chav with a lot more knowledge and ET skill than you'll ever have :).

Nope, not a chav. Wait and see then bitch tits, wait and see.
If they ever make it, which I highly doubt. They will leave you behind still on the doll while you tell your 500 children you once filmed these people and tried to make them into something.
1. I never filmed them
2. I don't claim dole (maybe I will now, thanks for reminding me)
3. Having 500 children would take a lot of effort, I don't think I've got the energy bro
4. If they make it? They basically have bro.
5. I don't expect to get 'helpful' comments from knobs here. Let's face it, Crossfire is the worst community on the internet. You know what, I'd put it in the same league as 4chan. People here have no manners or respect.
6. Member for 12 days, go away.
They have made it? Jeez, 500 views per video ABSOLUTLY ROLLING IN IT SON!

You clearly are a little chav as you have the same sort of attitude as one. Growing up without anything, getting angry at people who share a different view, no job, you probably already have a kid or 7 and being apart of something they claim not to be!
LOOL, ok bro... that's 1 video on a music producers channel...

Channel Views:21,812
Total Upload Views:1,281,973
Yes but as we discovered when you posted the whole "LOOK AT ME EVERYONE I GOT A MILLION VIEWS" most of them were just you reposting other popular video's on your account.

Winghavens frag movie has more views then the whole chan, so deal with it bro. MADE IT ALREADY BRO!

I think I know what moght cheer your chaving mind up, have a photo of something you probably stole from the market:

image: ED_LV_cap_puma_hat_nike_cap_tee_cap_adidas_new_era_cap_Men_women_caps
lmao, get a job. Once again, knobheads can't enjoy real life. I suggest you stop playing games and stereotyping everyone because of their choice of clothing. I know that the majority of members here (more like 98%) have long(ish) hair, and listen to anything but 'rap and hiphop'. 98% of this community are cunts, and have such bad attitude and anger. Considering it's 'chavs are violent, and cunts', really shows that the tables have turned.

Reality being, you're just another knob head in the system.
Love the fact your talking about the system. Your just another kid who likes to vent his anger over the internet because you're too afraid to do so in the real world. You can't just let it go because you have built up an imaginary "tough guy" look on the internet which is fine. If that is what makes you feel a big man and makes you happy so be it.

Do not try act smart, it doesn't suit you. I can entertain you more with bad clothing lines if that makes you feel warm inside.

image: 200034011
loool, nice suit bro. No, I am not a 'internet tough guy'. You do not know me, only the people I've actually played with know me. I'm one of the nicest guys you could meet, and I help a lot more around this website than you do. I submit a lot more to Crossfire than you ever will, and I'm not even active on this website.

Refer to this from Krosan: - 11th what?? I don't even visit this site often.

Seriously though, get off of your high horse and stop acting like you're better than anyone else. I know a few member here who're genuinely nice, you're not 1 of them.

Fuck the system and fuck you.
omg injectDDL stop sterotyping people on here omg your so low at et omg you spam crossfire with these shitty video's that clearly only peopel with problems would like.

Fuck the system and fuck you.

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I don't like Reebok btw, the market don't do dem ones fam.
I will dumb it down a bit for you if you'd like?


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All I have to say is Darkrider... you associate with a cheating cunt... lower than low. Go fuck yourself. Should get banned just for that... plus he's fat and ginger...
Heard you was caught on camera

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One on the right looks like Darkrider. I am sorry to tell you but I don't associate with cheaters. K THANKS.

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You are such a little kid. I seriously hope you wake up from your dream one day.
You started the shit blud. You iz a right nobend enit fam, alreet geeza, chillax den bruv... you need to take a look in dat mirror and think... TWAT.
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You seriously are the most delusional person I have ever had contact with. I don't know who you are trying to impress but it hasnt impressed me!
Once again, both rich families. You hardly ever find someone without money make it.

Like I said, you compare to this? Seriously, you can relate to this? Listen to the songs mentioned.
love rap and grime. But i dont like this
Either your trolling or you actually are a complete moron
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