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So couple of friends and I are planning a trip to europe in this summer during july, since hotels and hostels are booking up fast already, which i dunno? :D im looking for some suggestions on where to travel cause we need to book soon. I do want some places that have nice architecture and culture, but need some places that have nice places to party, cool places to drink for cheap and nice people:) We are planning to fly to frankfurt too cause its the cheapest from canada, and we are going to tomorrowland in belguim july 27-29 and most likely trying to go home after that. We are trying to stay more in the western side of europe but open to anything :)

Thanks :)
Tomorrowland :) Dour is a better festival tho but thats 2 weeks earlier! :P
dour > pukkelpop > tomorrowland (imo)
pukkelpop is niks vergeleke me tomorrowland lol
lees: imo

mn muziek is best vertegenwoordigd op dour & pp
tomorrowland heeft wel al 2 jaar een mooie dnb lineup maar voor de rest is t idd niets :P
hohja mss wel nog een goeie lineup, maar de mensen die er zijn gaan echt nie na tomorrowland vo da ze ;)

meestal waren die stages redelijk leeg (dnb / dubstep)

en de stages zelf zijn ook nie echt groot
ik bn nog nie geweest door prijs/kwaliteit ratio en ook omda da just na Dour is en Dour 200x beter is :P
alternatieven das =)
Austria Vienna and Poland Cracov are a decent places to see if you want to see nice architecture and culture. I haven't been to Czech Republic Prague yet but I heard it's cool (planning to go to holidays there 15-25 August or smth).
from my 3h visit in prague years ago with schoolclass i can tell its a rly nice city. also nice architecture, culture rly nice
yeah you definitely wanna stay in western europe unless you want some Poland, tschernobyl or some fucking novosibirsk temperatures

go to dat dere germany,maybe austria,belgium,holland (coz of the tulips ofcourse),dat italy,france and maybe london,uk (Yes, London. You know: fish, chips, cup 'o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary fucking Poppins... LONDON)
FINLAND. Vodka and knife partys in all houses!
stay at the coast were all the drunk half naked chicks are at
>implying euro chicks are sluts like us chicks
france is like 60 millions ritos
Italy Fiorentina , Austria Vienna, Poland Cracow-Warsaw-Wroclaw-Gdansk+some smaller cities :)(same country but totally different history and architecture+ a lot of attractions because of euro), Belgium Brugge, Czech Republic Prague, Ukraine Lviv .
should visit some pubs/bars/clubs in frankfurt while you are here, in the summer its quite relaxing though not worth more than one night i d say :D
ya we will probably stay there 1 night where should we go there ! :D
Split in Croatia...Epic!
some good nightclubs there?

can u name some?
no, i think there is definitely no night club in split at all
i asked for names, so gtfo, i don't care about your sarcastic jokes...
can you into google?
Yeah great night clubs/bars on the sea front, lots of bar crawls going on and lots of people. We stayed at a great hostel there, best one I stayed at during my eu trip

Take all the things of Europe - make it a roadtrip = profit!
Should be about 10 places worth visiting :)
PolandKrakow, very nice place with lots of nice culture and great partying opportunities.
Well if you are going to belgium anyway, you should definitely visit Amsterdam!
In Poland mainly Wroclaw, Krakow are worthy to see tbh.
hope u get stabbed dogface
:D so nice as always
GermanyHamburg Reeperbahn
Tomorrowland! i'll meet you at Café d'Anvers stage for some techno tanzing
There's nothing to see or do here mate. Better to stay in the US :)
Tomorrowland <3
Florence, Rome, Bologna, Pisa, Milano, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Split, Prague
nice architecture and cheap drinking in barcelona.
Wallonia Marcinelle

image: dyn001_original_960_540_jpeg_2608561_e89f93094dc1604af3bf7c24dc33a582
yeah and after that go to Charleroi and get robbed :P j/k
Oh yeah! Maybe take the bus or the "metro", some "belgians" want to be your friend :)))))

image: 1sd5rc2e
Play pool with SQuid and me @ Utrecht = profit?
not going to tomorrowland anymore after 5years in a row. 5x david guetta is enough for me. Can't believe they can call that a 'headliner', it's every facking year the same. Only getting tickets if deadmau5 or gui boratto comes.

Fuck Id&t and there money policy

This is what gonna happen:
-> mainstage same as last year, only different in the middle
-> around 23.00 every day fire works
-> around 19.30 (sunday) guetta does the sit-down thing/plays some radio shit music
-> 1000000x the same song at every stage (3years ago: bonkers (dizzee rascal) 2 years ago: one (shm), last year: levels (avicci) )
-> every day around 16.00 'the mask awakes -> some 'blablabla' text and the eyes start to shine
-> everybody screaming: 'heeeeee hoooo' while doing a random move.
noone gives a shit.
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