android apps..

hello.if there are some android users that would like to mention few useful apps they like and use feel free to post with a shortdescription!thx
got it already, works nice, a bit buggy but nice, i watch before bed!
oh you, gotta download it then
loooooooool xddd
well some apps i use:

adfree -> to get rid of the lame ads
batteryCalibration -> to calibrate from time to time
Documents to go -> read pdfs/word etc, useful for exams :D
Router Keygen -> to steal some wireless pw's..
zedge -> awesome to download wallpappers / ringtones and notification tones
Go sms pro -> excelent
TMN Drive -> GPS app, it's awesome, but it's for portugal map only and it's free :(
adfree needs root?
I think so, pretty sure.. But then again, i use CM7, everything unlocked and rooted! It's the best way to get the max performance and battery life out of my ZTE Blade ^^ unless you have some google or samsung phone, or even a HTC, i would recomment some custom roms!
i got galaxy s+ on pc knowledge is pretty good,but when it comes to android,i'm total noob.i tried to learn some basics what does rooting and all that shizzle mean,but everything is still foggy.
Parent to get apps that are not free?like iphone jb
Well, i am not a real expert too, i just stick to forum reading ^^ Check MODACO or maybe xda foruns.

Rooting is just a "bug abuse" way to get admin access (sudo ... linux stuff) to your mobile phone.

Well, just download the apk's from the internet (check releaselog .. or search at foruns / rapidshare searcher), paste at sdcard... then with a fileexplorer, open the apk and select install.
It will probably show a message saying it isn't a market app n stuff.. just go to Definition menu -> aplications -> and select to accept unknown app's origin or something like that! Might work
Download 4shared for free from market.. and download apps from there
router keygen? sounds nice.. but I can't find it on the market, also not on the blackmart :/
there is another app called PENETRATE

not sure if it only works for Portuguese routers.. someone found the thompson/d-link (and probably some others) algorithm to create a random pw, so the router generates 1 or more possible passwords. Usually it works ;)
well, link work, but the download isn't aviable anymore :/ can u upload it me somewhere? :)

apk and the dictionary! Not sure if there is a more recent version :>
essid not supported :c

works awesome over here since most wireless routers are made by thompson / dlink...
well i got a dlink here in my house aswell but its red
i will try it durign the week when im at work, big buildings with 50+ apartments
there must be a fucking hackable one 8D !
it's red because you probably changed the default password while keeping the dlink default name.. i think it works for ppl that just setup the router and start working, without much knowledge
Bought a Galaxy S II on new years eve. Gonna wait and check what android 4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich) is like before fiddling around too much with rooting etc.

Useful apps:
Spotify (Premium)
Speed Test
Tiny Flashlight + LED
gStrings (if you play any instrument, very good)
imo messenger
to name a few.
gstrings is fucking awesome indeed, ive used it to tune my acoustic guitar and it works like a charm
Viber (Free-calls)
WhatsApp (Free-texts)
Jango (Music/Radio)
Tiny Flashlight (Flashlight)
Go launcher + all other Go apps.. if you don't want to root..

that's what she said! lolol
hey well if you are that way inclined :p

you do know what us aussies call a "root" though?? D:
"get a root", "throw a leg over", "jump her bones", get it now? :D
I was just recently browsing through my installed aps, and i have to tell that after the first "DOWNLOAD ALL THE THINGS!" i dont use most of my apps.
What i use:
-Launcher 7 - really just personal preferences, i like it cos its simple
-PlayerPro - Only player that has scrobbler AND at the same time can play by folders, not by albums and shit only..
-Adfree - requires root, gets rid of all ads in browser AND apps
-Callfilter - just dont really want some people to call me ;]
-clocksync - for syncing clock
-Widgetlocker - Actually very handy app, allows you to customize your lockscreen - put widgets in there, use different wallpap on your lockscreen, use skinned sliders, or even more sliders.

just my 0.02$
thanks all!
burger king app :XD
colornote, runkeeper, sound manager, nimbuzz, tunein radio, tape a talk, teamviewer, shazam, wheresmydroid
wolfram alpha - awesome math tool
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