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Alright ladies i need some help.

Decent Keyboard for around 80 pounds..

Decent Mouse ( But already thinking of getting a MX518)

Help Please?


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MX518 + mechanical keyboard like steelseries 6gv2 = instawin
Keyboard: Logitech Compact K300
Mouse: Steelseries Sensei
why would you get mx518 if there's g400 avi
MX518 Is a trusty mouse alot of people use it :)
g400 is just a new mx518
g400 is fairly better in every way, especially the latest ones without angle snapping
G400 is an updated MX518
every reply to your comment starts with 'G400', except mine
Hello Jayy,
I highly recommend to buy a mechanical keyboard which doesn't have any ghosting. I would recommend you to buy Microsoft Sidewinder X4. It doesn't have any ghosting (You pass 'THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG' test 100%) Also it has programmable buttons where you can make macros of your own.
It has three different modes so you can create three different macro sets. Also typing in a darkness is not a problem since keyboard has red backlight, you can make it less bright if you want or even turn it off.
It also has shortcut buttons for changing volume, next/previous song, mute play/stop, record and calculator.
I would like to say that buying ordinary keyboards is pretty risky risky since you may buy a bad one which has ghosting leading in a situation where you can only push two buttons at once.

For mouse I recommend you to buy G400. I saw you were thinking about to buy MX518 so you have used MX518 in the past right? G400 is marketted as new MX518 which is completely true. G400 is improved MX518. While MX518 could have been clocked to 500hz G400 has 1000hz polling rate as its default. Also it has 3600 dpi with 5 different dpi levels, no software needed. Also it has new thinner cord, although it is a new cord problem with it (which mx518 had too) is yet to be fixed. You may ask how the feeling is with G400, does it fit with your hand? The thing is G400 is EXACTLY same shaped as MX518 only the surface is changed to, in my opinion, better. The side buttons, Buttons and all are in the same place. Also Logitech have stopped producing MX518s which means that you can't find a new MX518 after some years if you break your mouse. Price? G400 is just few euros more expensive than MX518, which makes it optimal choice for gaming.

Hope this helped you.
Thankyou for your reply, i think i'll buy purchasing the X4 Keyboard and the G400!

thankyou for taking your time too help me :D
he can easily get a decent mechanical keyboard for 80 pounds instead of x4
x4 is really cheap and good quality
In my opinion (imo), the most important out of the two is the mouse.
Logitech Mx518 is probably one of today's standards and most price worthy overall.
If you aren't into key macros and other embedded widgets/features for the keyboard than any cheap one is just as good.
Microsoft sidewinder x4! best keyboard ever!
& SteelSeries 6Gv2 is what you need.
I'm buying SteelSeries 6Gv2 Keyboard & Sibiria V2 Headset:D
I got the Siberia too, only some random noob keyboard :'(
I'll buy sibiria, bro has it and its awesome :D
Logitech illuminated keyboard
MX 518
Hayaa comeback? ":D "
MX518 + random 10 € keyboard..
this keyboard pwns! I have it and everytime i press W,S,A,D it makes sound.
fail, it just make sounds when you are running a vst ;)
MX 518/G400 + Logitech G11 = Insta win <3
Filco Keyboard (a bit more than £80 mechanical keyboard BEAST)
Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical (£5) / Intelli Mouse 1.1
If you don't want a 400dpi mouse I have no idea what to suggest because these two mice are fucking perfect!
steelseries sensei mouse
logitech g15 refresh + g400/g500
look at zowie.

qpad om..
keyboard = mechanical keyboard, dont waste money on the logitech spacecommander keyboards with cheap plastic membranes. youtube "ibm model M" to give you an idea what a good keyboard should look and feel like :)

mouse = mx518 (g400) / deathadder / diamondback / ec zowie / xai depending on the shape you prefer. I personally love razer abyssus, its ultrlight, no sidebuttons and costs about 35 €. Downsides is the mouse1 tends to break rather fast and the mouse jitters when moving up and down on some mousepads (though razer goliathus tracks perfectly, steelseries qck jitters)

and again, dont waste money on logitech spacecommander keyboards
g400! :)

keybord: get 1 whit a fast response :)
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