G5 or DeathAdder?

Halo !
Guys which mouse is better ?
Logitech G5 or Razer DeathAdder?
Write your proposals
It Depends, if you got a ticket I would go for the G5, if you are not cool enough to have a ticket, unfortunately its gotta be the deathadder.
fumble just made this topic.

laser is shit
I have mx518 for 3 years nice mouse but its time for try another :p
yes, buy g500 it has lots of advertisement and 500 > 400, so obviously G5 mmmust be the best mouse everest. fucking retards on the internet everywhere.
G500 brer
The G5 is one of the worst mice ever created and shouldn't be at any other place than your trash bin.

Get the Deathadder if you have to chose from those two.

If you liked the shape of the mx518 however, I'd suggest you to get another 518 or one of the successors, G400/500 or something (?).
G400 > Mx518 imo.
Could be, haven't tested or even read tests about it. But since some proper mouse geeks on crossfire even recommended it, it's probably a good mouse. The noticable differences between the mx518 and g400 are probably minor though.
The g400 looks better though! And since it's also super cheap (~ 30e) I'd probably also pick it over the old trusty 518 :-)

E: Just checked the g500, jesus. Surely wouldn't buy this. Just another mouse with drillions of dpi, glowing shit and even adjustable weights. On top of that the sensor is once again not centered :-|
I am not a proper mouse geek =( Just used my Mx518 for 7 years (and it finally died after that, around 2 weeks before the G400 came out) So I bought it, had to get used to it since its 3600 DPI, 1000HZ etc.
You can surely adjust the dpi to 400 or 800 (or whatever dpi you used with the mx518)?
Ye ofcourse you can ;) I used 400 DPI on my mx518, but somehow 400 DPI on the G400 is still faster than the MX518 ;)
So much to read :P thx for opinion.
What are you think about DPi ? In my mx518 i can get whatever i want. heard in DA respawn i can use only 400, 900 ,3500 right ?
g400 is basically mx518 without angle-snapping(since PID LZ13333), non-glossy painted plastic, thinner cable and 1000hz by default(changeable with setpoint)
G500 is the 2nd generation of G5 and I had it, now having G500 and both are fantastic. So I dont really know what you are talking about, did you own one or? I cannot say good things about Deathadder, never had one. But saying G5 is shit is just weird, mainly that G500 is almost exactly the same mouse.
I even had two G5s. Bought one right after the release and noticed straight away a ridiculous low malfunction speed. Meaning it skips at rather slow movements already and the cursor jumps randomly off the screen. Sold it. A few months later there was supposed to be a firmware update fixing it. So I bought another one and it wasn't fixed at all. Sold again.

On top of that the sensor is not centered which turns into quite an awkward movement if you compare it/are used to centered sensors like the mx500 or Microsoft mice.

It might be finally fixed for the g500 but I still find all the features of the g500 (or even G5) uselss and not needed and therefore would rather buy the g400 if I had to chose from those two.
Strange but I never had those things you described. But I got my mouse way later the release date, so maybe it was fixed already.
I owned G5, played with it for less then an hour. The mouse just refuses to track very fast mousemovements, just goes bezerk at fast acceleration and has huge negative accel. Its a shit mouse, without a doubt. But ofcourse it has lasers and fancy lights and shit. Would buy again.
dunno why everyone hates g5 but I loved mine and im sadpanda now coz it went broken and you cant buy it from anywhere
There are loads on eBay, even new ones. :-)
no ticket, no entry

so you'll be using the Deathadder
I've got both of them and G5 is definetly the one you should choose.
1.1a / abyssus
Since i give out the tickets, i have a deathadder ;)
DA.... DUH
NEITHER, steelseries xai!

e: I used to have a deathadder, the build quality is quite bad. Razer is a brand, not quality.
Someone DA user ?
ask alexl, he got both
go for da
had the mx 518 and now the DA.. I love the DA. The MX518 has more buttons tho which can be usefull. But for shape & look I really prefer the DA.
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