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connect and play the new map by Austria blAcky


image: x9rdea8qxnfn

image: oh1prfcvhjdx

image: oxe1udfqw4d

image: zo4zp7y2skc

oke, coming
I think the main question here is: can we break the chairs in the 4th pic??
yes we can :)
u should see the coffeeshop, theres like 10x more chairs than in the last pic :S
schönes ding!
Server is Full
a lot of chairs :p
Server is Full.
Server is Full.
if full try this one:;password library
server is full :(
spots now, come come come!
E: Dl it from the link at the beginning of this post, loads slow from server
give me public config and i'll do public server 24/7 with this map.
the truck in on his side :S lol you bad map maker
just played it on jaymod and it rocks. It will be soon in our rotation.
holy shit a submarine
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