No hard feelings, right?

Another year, another bust list. Firstly, I'd like to thank all the new Killerboys who have risen up and whipped out the good ol' tar and feathers. I honestly appreciate the best of intentions on display here in various entertaining posts, but not 24 hours later we already have a couple of victims of this makeshift witch hunt.

Personally I think we're on very thin ice here with the currently available "evidence". This ban list seems to have been hastily churned out (see Aphesia) and less-than-properly reviewed (see the pending Tropic case). It's the exact same reason I've always been hesitant to add tags on CF after Killerboy left, simply because I don't have access to CB/ESL and can't (at least) cross-reference IPs.

We used to bitch about random and vague PB kicks referring to obscure numbers of which only EvenBalance had further information, but in 2012 a list of usernames and a nice "CHEATER" tag seems to be enough to scorn those we once held dear. Well, not everybody, but I hope you catch my drift.

I would like to ask everybody to sit back, relax and wait for definitive confirmation by either CB, ESL or both. FoaMeA has been doing a great job as Crossfire's recently appointed ESL AC administrator and the appropriate tagging will be forthcoming very shortly.

Oh, and please find the goddamn decency to at least apologise to the wrongly accused. Let's hope there won't be any more.
I was the one playing on tropic's account
lolololololo mad

thats why ppl said he was even low with cheats :s

explains alot
lololloloooolol jij : )) a
Can anyone tag Winghaven as a cheater please?

I saw him use some crazy BF3 cheats on Xbox live.
Is he really playing on console?
those macro cheats are one helluva cheats
friend of cheater imo
Great post

QuoteApologies to those falsely banned. 90% of last night's bans do not need a review and of the other 10% only a few may have been caused by broken hardware which will be checked again.
Yeah, read that. I was talking about the community in general, not TZAC.
nice read
always knew aea was using!
image: i-know-that-feel

tried to search some ips on CB and remembered i requested them to remove my powers a year ago

feels bad man
And we used to have such great times spamming each other with profile URLs.

image: Sad-Clown
so aea is busted or false
he buttmad because his buddy got busted but its typical for this community to forgive cheaters and let them play like nothing happened.. For example Sup3r iirc or others. As I understand it now if theres enough power behind someone banned he gets unbanned because tzac has its flaws... So basically everyone who got busted without a screenshot can go to chap and say hey my ram is broken unban me plx xoxo
afaik that team got removed from a LAN event because they had current busted players in it - and have since proven themselves at LANs, which is the only real way to legitimise high level gameplay - generally.
who cares. its not like we are getting any evidence anyway. soon we are making bust avis again and those are no good for banning ppl of cb
I just dont understand how could they dare to release those 10% (the ones intended for further review) publicly before even doing that review. That just does not make any sense at all.
'catch my drift' sounds like from some cheap movie from 90s. is there any better expression?
what about another policy all together?

If you ban cheaters for about 3-4 months they will be less eager to create a new account and use proxies etc.. permanent or 10-20 year bans will just force them to use proxies and what not.
agree on stupidly long bans, creates more work on players that will want to play more - but there needs to be some sort of rehabilitation program (:DDD) for cheaters. I think at this point though, for ET, it is too late to even bother implementing but maybe for the nextgen game that will come out in 2025.

Also, most of the cheaters were polish - it is a shame that they cant look upto the talented and successful polish players who were not cheating. But at the same time, the polish community seems to be extremely forgiving and will happily play with someone who is cheating or cheated quite recently sometimes even covering for them with stories (etc)
good job guys, something is better than nothing.
Bye, Bye ET.
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