TZAC - ban reviewing

If you believe you've been false banned, please follow the following instructions:

Cheaters don't try, you're not getting unbanned.
can I try if i'm not banned at all ?
I wonder like 3 months ago I was using some shitty opengl wh on some gay random jaymod pub.. I forgot to remove the files and shortly after that ppl asked me to merc inna war.. long story short I got insta kicked from the server "for cheats" but nothings on my tzac

why is that :P?
TZAC doesn't search for files like ESL Wire does, only extremely shit anticheats have the need to search your files.
Keith hahaha stupid lowskilled piece of shit licking outlAw's ass like a bitch
he got banned too?
was that his real nick?

was obviously cheating on a public with the <o/ Keith name - was quite hilarious to say the least ;p
he uses the name a1b2c3d4 too..probly a few more aswell .. :D
busted dozen of times anyway lol
A bit offtopic:
Can I run TZAC in wine or Cedega? And if so will TZAC detect it like somekind of a cheat?

Probably stupid question but I'm curious about that :D
hf reviewing 95% cheaters :l
cheaters don't try hahah oh that was good.
nice work
next time you ban peepols - disable account creating
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