Battlefield 3?

yo . I have 4GB DD2 , AMD ATHLON DUAL CORE 6000+ 3.1GHz, GeForce GTS 450 1GB DDR5, Win7, r_mode 6; 1024x768. My question is; can i get a stable 76 fps with low cfg?
why use 76 fps
40-50 is even enough to play it
u think i will get 50 fps with that stuff?
dont think so tbh
got 125 :-)
did you steal that comp you cunt
his Computer is shit
Err who told you that
76/125 are used in et since they are magic values in Quake3 engine It won't matter in BF3 40+ stable is conciderd playable in BF3 and you can probably run a benchmark to check it.
dont think so
enjoy a stable 25 fps on low gfx
it eats alot of gpu power and cpu, i wouldnt bother playing on ur system
dual core :S
ofc you can run it, guess u get smth. like 30 - maybe 40 fps (on Metro) - playable! Its not like in ET where you have the "magic FPS" 43/76/125.

Also you can use this tool to tweak it a bit more as you can with the ingame options

BF3 Config Utility

I got a core2Duo E8500, 6 GB RAM, GTX 570, Win7 64 bit ~ 60-80 FPS most the time, sometimes it goes down to 30 :D My CPU is the prob.

Awesome game btw.!!!
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