BF3 megabackrape

nice magazine
lol u pro
do they even move? :D
you do the same shit in every movie.
how can you not be bored with only playing metro and backraping the attackers at that stairway?
cba to watch
bf3 is the easiest pub game I ever played really
was searching for this one :D epic²²²²²²²²²²
never played in bf3 but this video is really nice and amazing song ;]
bf3 is really nice, but I think that's on pc, ps3 and xbox servers are 12v12 only

and u know where the music is from? Reminds me of transformers soundtracks
why you always post bf3 vid here ?
cause he is playing bf3 more then et :o
Just chilling. And you?
Same, have fun.
You too! <3
Thank you! <3
why i never recieve love from you?

you can only delete me from buddies in bf3

macro detected
nice makro's ;ppp j/k, seems to be a nice game, also playable offline vs bots? :)
Nice are those bots I mean those tards didn't like shoot you once :D
dude that was just awful sry :P

ur ET movies were way cooler lol, at least then the enemys shot back :P
everytime i rush like that

there are some nooby campers waiting for me with sniper :l

and it goes like you kill 10 guys but in reality you only killed like 4/5 :O
(when i play with these mg)
nice poetry man.

Roses are red
im not
have a nice day
gays are pink

swani are pink

you are gay
Every video I see of BF3 shows me that the public players are absolute fucking IDIOTS
Yes and no. What people don't realize is that the positional audio is completely bugged to fuck for most of the users (stuff in the distance sounds like it's up close and vice versa). Most of the time you have no feedback that you're getting shot in the back other than the hit markers (and then it's already too late).
So in theory then Frop, shit game is shit? Have they not fixed those bugs yet?...
whats shit about that, u get shot by an assault rifle from behind :XD
In every video?.... I bet it's the same on every server! :)
nah when u play cb or esl games etc, its better than cs and ET put together :/
DICE have never been the best coders, but EA's marketing scheme is mostly to blame. The game is pretty fun overall.
Come back to ET mate. :(
pls do check ur inbox :X
you sold your soul to play with the m249/pkp
nice cheater movie and macros
whats so good about it??? not too hard for an ETPlayer that is med or better with this framerate!!!
is that the only map he plays?????
Some nerds already got kicked via PB for "gamehack" because the used marco's to reduce the recoil, just take a look at pbbans. They get busted since 07/02. Waiting for ure bust srsly it is so fking obv...
Doesn't surprise me, I done this on pub once, got like 20man in one go and got kicked cause they thought I was hacking :(
The pecheneg with fore-grip and extended clip so OP haha.Whoring up 64 player metro for life :"}
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