Estonians, lend me your ears!

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Next week I will be in Tallinn (saturday-tuesday 03/03-06/03) and I was wondering if you could tell me what weather to expect.
Also, I'm looking for cheap but decent places to eat. Small restaurants/pizzerias, that kind of stuff. No McDonalds please!

I'll be staying in Olevimägi, at a hostel. DunZ, where do you live man? Let's fuck bitches and snort cocaine!
go to old city ther is alot of places to eat.

good pizza place at hipodroom
should be mildly cold, it's been going up and down for past few days now so don't really know what to expect.

Stroll around in the Old Town or downtown - there's a semi-decent restaurant practically around every's sort of hard to really recommend one as i don't know what you'd prefer.

Btw, what is mildly cold for an Estonian?
around -6...10'ish?? :D the forecast 4day prediction right now says monday and tuesday are going to be around -4 to -12 during the day, no idea what to expect from the rest of the week.
Damn, mildly cold is like 5 degree for a Western European like me. Guess I'll have to pack my scarve.
You are right. As usual.
yeeeees yeeeeeesssss
Basically what infi said, there's a semi-decent restaurant/pizzeria at every corner.

but you cant really give an actual forecast in advance for more than 3 days so, should ask someone again right before heading off :D
Still on the move i see :)
Holiday eh, boog kan niet altijd gespannen staan!
true, true
Geniet ervan! ;)
shit food, i herd they use trampdogs for kebab
Super Alko is where Finns go.

we dont eat tho.
Super Alko looks good.
The one in the port I suppose? :D
the closer, the better. :D Im rather afraid of going deeper to the city as the boats are on a tight schedule and I dont really know the city. wouldnt wanna miss mah boat!

had to take a dark cab back in 2008 when it started to rain and we were visiting a liqour store somewhere at side alleys. the guy didnt speak a single word of english nor finnish and started to drive to wrong direction for starters. I gotta admit I was a bit afraid for my kidneys
haha, those random black cabs are mostly driven by scary russians who are 10 feet tall and dont speak estonian either, its even scary for estonians to take them, believe me :D
I remember once we took cab for like 1 km and he wanted 8 euros for it and we were like fuck off, u are scamming us hard.. then he talked with his other black cab buddies and stuff, we were like okay its gonna be a fight or smth :D later we agreed on 5 euro and went drinking np4us
those criminal-looking guys really give me the creeps :d
I have my trustee black taxi driver at Tallinn, whenever i visit there i just give him a call, he picks me & my friends up, we can leave all our things into the cab if we want and he will drive us to anywhere we want and is avi for me the whole day. He has never stolen anything, and its cheap as fuck. I like him :)
good for you

dont drive taxi much tho, we have like 10 min walk to old town and partymode is on :)
Why Estonia? :o
Tallinn seems interesting (and it was cheap).
brokenmouse is from Estonia (afaik)
That was insightful
Weather is currently pretty crap,the snow is melting,thats why.
But next week,it will be like + degrees,so np.
I would recommend Irish pub at old town :DD
But theres also a McDonald :D
If you need any introductions,then PM for me :D
im rolling into Tallin around 4 times a year and every single time i visit @ Argentina or something like that. It's a nice beef restaurant if you prefer meat :) And ofc Superalko for hoteltime n party :D

e: going again 28-31.3.2012 so cya there EE's ;(
Is it the place close to the Kosmos Cinema? Have always wanted to go there but never had the guts.
yea, i think there was some cinema near it. They do beefs and everything else in open kitchen on fire!! It looks nice and tastes like a piece of heaven <3

e: its this
yup the same one. I'll try it out soon!

JyrkZ and sac live like 6 minutes by foot from that place :p
shit weather, raining+shitload of snow, drifting everywhere, hit old city especially on the party street (avenue/oldclub/nimega/nimeta/tonic/labor/shooters) but be careful!! shitloads of stuff happens there like fights and drunk people russians and estonians all wasted and shit

ill be probably doing coke and fucking hot bitches that night

but no idea about hostel/hotels theres like a shitload of them everywhere, but im not a big fan staying in one since i got my own palce LZOL
How about you show me around!
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