XBOX360 vs PS3 question


I am planning to buy some console, but can't choose between XBOX360 and PS3.
Any experience you could share please?! It would be my first console so I am totally newbie at it.
My mate has a xbox360 and there's some problem with "flashing", he has to update his flash if he want's to play with newer games than his flash version or what. Same goes for PS3?
I don't want to buy games for it ofc!
Thanks, cya.
got the ps3, but i dont really play very much. its nice to have internet access though, fifa11/fifa12 works fine too. so i dont really need much more than that.
i got ps3, ps3>xbox, but if you crack your ps3 you cant go online/play online anymore(or shouldnt play online).
Is it possible to cancel the crack? I mean if I buy a cracked one, and later I change my mind and I want to play online is it possible to "remove" the crack?
yep, i havent tried it myself but from what i read its possible.. was searching for a cracked firmware too but cba to crack if i cant play online because thats the only thing i do :P..
ps3 is win ;)
xbox has better gfx and AA. Xbox360 > ps3
and also Forza 4 > GT5 (gt5 just sucks :S)
Free Online
Streaming capabilities (from PC etc)
Personally I think there are better games coming out for the PS3.

Xbox 360
Great back catalogue of games
Live is great but costs
Kinect works well
More power efficient (slim models)
Easier to flash (if you want to that is)

I have both, but I would much rather my PS3!
xbox has streaming capabilities too
Doesn't work as well as the PS3, why I left it off. It's a plus point for the PS3!
i traded mine in n got an xbox, skygo on the xbox is a winner! xbox > ps3 imo! if xbox had blu ray it would win hands down
I have 2 of each! 1 of each console is flashed :)
xbox cause mlg
nough said
xbox = shitty bro shooters

PS3 = you can play PS2 games
I can't agree with you, there are new versions of ps3 like slim and now you can't play games from older ps2 :) Or am I wrong?
only plus on ps3 = free online gameplay. For the rest I would recomment x360.
x360 is pretty loud aswell :x

I have an x360 myself, I like the controllers way more and the internet never fails! Only downside is that you have to pay for it :[
As a PC gamer u might wanna get the 360.
There are lots of similarities and you'll get used to the control and aim very quick. Also most games are beeing released on both consoles, exclusive titles are rare.
Downside though for Onlineplay you'll have to pay € 30,-- / year for XBOX LIVE, PS3 is for free. I would refrain from flashing any of these consoles as burning BLURAYS(PS3) or Doublelayers (360)
1) costs money (u've got to get a proper RW-drive for PC to burn em)
2) you are in constant danger of beeing banned
3) empty datadiscs cost money aswell

Just buy used games if you don't have the money if you don't plan on playing every single new game that comes out.
I've got my 360 from Amazon, got myself 20 brandnew games and only played MW3 so far.. stuff like Duke Nukem still brand new and sealed.
PS3 because it's blu-ray
PS3 because you don't have to pay an extra subscription on top of your internet subscription to play online
PS3 because it's awesome for streaming from your PC
PS3 because the games are better (imo)
PS3 because it's not Microsoft
PS3 because its life expectancy is higher than that of the XBOX360
PS3 because the controllers are nicer
PS3 because I said so
PS3 cause i had the psx
xbox because u can make ur own avatar
image: pets-coming-to-your-xbox
image: killzonehomecostum

playstation is much much better with everything =0
no sorry they look gay
Just think it over. Do you want to play online but not spending more cash -> ps3
Want to play cheap games -> x360 flashed. empty data disc DL is €1,20 so no money compared to normal gameprice.
Want awesome console? Wait until 2013 for the new xbox.

Or do like I have, just one flashed x360 for the flashed games and one original one for online games e.g. FIFA2012, BF3 and MW3
whatever all your friends have, nobody likes being alone.
xbox 720 or ps4 no ?

just wait 1/2 year ! or get a ps3
just wait imo
Wait till the new ones come out, Ive heard some rumours that the new xbox will come out fairly soon
If you think you're ready to play with the most electrifying gamer in history then you best pick yourself up a ps3
why decide? buy both like i did, then you don't need to decide ;) ^^
real men make decisions.
yep the decision to take both to have ALL advantages!
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