Do you know the answer? #2

Well, I have a bit harder task for you:

QuoteThe train was stopped at the station in addition to t minutes. To close the delay, train speed was increased of a kilometers per hour. After driving b km delay was liquidated. What was the planned speed of the train?

Thanks in advance

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Pociag zostal zatrzymany na stacji dodatkowo o t minut. Chcac nadrobic opoznienie zwiekszono predkosc pociagu o a kilometrów na godzine. Po przejechaniu b kilometrów opoznienie zlikwidowano. Jaka byla planowana predkosc pociagu?
Im not doin your homework polak
well it's not homework bro, i need this task to complete a random competition :/
The train went too fast and derailed, gg.
author of the task established that the likelihood of derailment is equal to 0
The train tried to skip a few stations, so he switched rails and got in a huge accident hitting another train heading from the opposite direction. 12 people died, 18 were severely injured, the remaining 42 people got rescued and transported to safety, gg.
*16 people died. Rest in Piece.
i like trains
nice try copying gemb
The train was FinlandVR so it didnt go any speed
casual dynamics prob,cba to solve it
depends on the colour of the train
ye and age of driver -,-
N1CE chicks
Didn't you guys just have a big train crash...
That made me laugh :D
a = b / (0,6t) ?
I haven't any tips or solution coz it's one of competition task and I need to solve it if I want to qualify in final :/ Can you tell me now how did you solve it?
haha its a fucking simple formula you learn at school.
think of a traingle
so try to solve it mr expert :/
Is there any link?...
Yes of course but this is a competition only for polish students who end this year high-school and want to study in Politechnika Warszawska (Warsaw University of Technology) in future. The main price is 20 places for winners in this univeristy. You can read more here: - google translation
dont wanna sound rude but if you cant solve tasks like that on your own then you shouldnt think about those studies
Now I'm 90% sure I will study in Cracow but I'm ambitious (sometimes even too ambitious) and I try to take part in many competitions. This is last stage before final in Warsaw, actually solved 7/10 tasks and I won't give up now :) To the final qualify 150 participants and I have time until the end of the month to send all solutions.
nvm then wont solve it :XDDDDDDDDDD
0,6t? What is that supposed to mean?
0,6 since t is in minutes? and you need to know time in hours? (a)?
not sure but maybe
actually got smth like this but there isn't any "v" in the task
v is the planned speed obviously?
ye I understand you but there is only a, b and t and i have to use only this three letters in solution

e: oh wait im idiot

e2: it seems that you're right
after ordering I've got
v^2t-atv+ab=0 (smth like ax^2+bx+c=0)
v= sqrt(at(at-4b))-at or v=-sqrt(at(at-4b))-at
everythings seems to be ok but when i substitute letters by any numbers which solve your equation i've got v less than 0 in both cases
anyway thanks a lot :)

i guess solution 2 is the one you are looking for since its gonna be "+"
rofl now I know where I did a mistake :D
in (at(at-4b)) should be "+" instead of "-" and now everything is ok
thanks! If I meet you in real I'll buy you beer :)
np, you need to choose cracow then!
well cya in Cracow, i'll be there near by the end of march
im too stupid for this

edit: planned speed 70km/h
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