CoD 2 dedicated server extreme upload :/

I've been hosting a Call of Duty 2 server for a while and today I noticed something rather 'funny'. When the server is just idling, with no users connected to it, it uses about ~1mb upload... which is extreme and stupid :/

I've tried to google without success... When I copy these files to my PC and run the server, it doesn't use as much upload. Replaced the cod2 server with one from an old backup and still the same strange behavior on the server :/

Anyone =( ?
image: upload
maybe it just takes 1mb to run the server itself, without any users?
I highly doubt that. What would it be doing with that all those pretty bytes? I really can't figure out (for now) what it is doing using a 1000kbps
are you streaming, using plug-ins or anything fancy like that?
Nope, nothing. Just PAM (the etpro mod for cod2). Tried to run w/o pam already but still the same
Yay, the server was part of some botnet. Cool.
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