Best Movie Scene Ever (imo)

I don't know,
everytime I stumble upon it on Youtube or while hearing the Soundtrack,
I get goosebumps and I feel a tingling sensation nearly making me cry :D

The music is just so goddamn epic :DD
Do you think I'm retarded, I think this scene and the one Flynn Jr. jumps from the tower are the best ones in the whole movie.

If you know something similar, share please!
Guess it's time to watch this the proper way.
Last time I saw the it was in german when I was younger.
Can watch this over and over again.
Never gets old :D
dude. watch this hit if you havnt seen it. the guys got like 25 videos of him doing THE craziest shit youll ever see on a bike....

or this

299 kph on a busy road....slightly fucking mental.
Yes! I've seen some NL ghostrider stuff already :D
Tried downloading the whole thing but it's very rare to find on the Internet.
He even announced he wouldn't do any more stunts if his latest release wouldn't be bought a specific number of times cause people tend to download everything and they've got like no money :o
Mufasa's death
oh god don't remind me. While watching it 3D 2 months ago i had an emotional breakdown sitting next to my girlfriend and her ex-girlfriend :D Luckily nobody noticed
dafuq did I just read

sitting next to my girlfriend and her ex-girlfriend :D
why :D
They've been dating for a year before we met.
It's not as wicked as it may sound ^^
Even though it does give me some benefits but not what i fancy, yet x)
So if I get it right, your girlfriend was lesbian or is bisexual and now is dating a guy. But she's still seeing her ex-girlfriend in front of you right ?

So, you have 2 options :

Be the third pussy
Fuck the shit out of both
Not exactly right.
They've been dating and fucking :D
I met both of em ONCE during that time.
Then they broke up (and tbh they never loved each other it was just that all the guys were dicks you know :D)
At newyear 2010/2011 I started dating her. the other girl has a boyfriend for a long time aswell now. It's fun when like one of them has birthday and I force both to make out and they end up on my lap 8D
The chances for a foursome are pretty good but I cba to do that, just want the other girl no guys x)
god I'm so interested in that story (no irony). Well it's hard to have a threesome because that would imply the other girl either to cheat on her bf or dump him. Anyway, good luck with that bro, you have all my internet forces. I wanna know the end of the story !!!
haha ^^ Well I hope I'll be lucky before I dump my girlfriend. Thank you (:
how the fuck is that the best movie scene ever
This scene is such a rip-off of the MATRIX.

Just like how HoN / Dota / Dota2 is a League of Legends rip-off...
Erm..Matrix is actually a rip-off of many other movies.
So gz, your opinion about anything else seems very valid. ":D"
My opinion is fact. For instance, France is the worst country in EUROPE. ok?
I assume you dislike everybody and everything that may be better than you or anything you posess in any way.
I'd beat you so hard at HoN as MOONQUEEN. Ok?
shrunken head as first item and gg for you
awesome album is awesome
i am 12 and what is this
Hannibal Lecter.
holy shit ...
While I opened it I looked away at my girlfriend sorry :D Big fuckin epic disjoint!
I'm not really watching lots of movies, but wtf is this shit?
Book of Eli when you (the viewer) finds out that he was blind all the time, definitely.
best movie scene for me: forrest gump at the grave of jenny in his own backyard while he talking how he misses her and that his son has a letter for him.

let your tears flow:
XD? the fuck
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