wiSe-guys cheat skill

Hey guy.

Here is my little story about the famous polish team : wiSe-guys.
We played against them on tuesday in ESL Winter 3on3 (GTV matchlink).
On grush, we found some things a bit weird. Especialy how they get our spawntime immedialty ,and the most obvious, hunter's move on 1st round @ 7.50.
We did know this typical Polish trick to request an ETTV and give the HUB ip to a friend, which one tell you all info.
The ETTV server got around 1min30 delay while the HUB server is live and has no delay.

So, I asked Benjii to go on the hub, and take a screenshot of players connected.
result :

image: scaled.php?server=441&filename=sanstitre1aow

Then, we had to find who was this guy. We asked GTV admins if it was one of them. It wasn't.

It might be PolandKirej, but no proof except this tzac screenshot and this one.

At this moment, we had to prove he wasn't on ETTV but on the HUB.

I compare his screenshots time to mine :

My screenshot taken by tzac @ 20h45 map : et_ice
Kirej screenshot taken by tzac @ 20h46 map : adlernest (the next one)

Around 1 min delay between those screen and the map already changed.
Now let's get a look at seconds thanks to firefox.

just right click on images: properties / general and let's see upload time

Kirej's one

Less than a minute (55sec) between those screenshots.
He coudln't be on ETTV and was speccing the match live, on the HUB (and obviously speccing one of us).

image: 10032012

Good job guys, you got a pocal. Deserved.
people still play ET?
that's indeed pretty sad if that's true.
ja pierdole who cares about that in 2012
whiner whining ? unexpected.
shemale got raped!
It´s true
nice fairplay polaks noob
j'aimerais juste savoir c quoi le "HUB". (non ce nest pas sarcastique). c un notre server que celui ou vous jouez et le ettv?
un serveur relai entre le serveur de jeu et l'ettv et qui diffuse en temps réel
En gros c'est une espèce de server relai entre le serv du match et l'ETTV (du peu que j'ai compris)
prolly robert giving ppl acces to hub as usually
oooooh snap
its pathetic but still
they didnt get 50% more dmg because of comments
50% should do the trick though
not saying dmg > *
but 50% is a lot more
Nice math skills man...
what are you talking about

20k times 1.5 ( a growth of 50%) is 30k
Not sure, if trolling or you can´t see bugged stats. So count with me..

If 100% is 31963 (dmg what polaks deal)
How many % is 27249 (dmg what polaks recieved)
It´s 85% of 31963

If 100% is 27249
How many % is 4714?
It´s 17,29%

So polaks deal 17,29% more dmg than SIMOON's guys, so where is your 50%?
didnt notice
Say sorry to SIMOON, not to me.
oh please, dmg arent always useful :X
that's indeed pretty sad coz that's true.
hahahha :DA... you know the time you marked in red is the time you opened the window, not the time the image was uploaded? :DDD back to internet explorer
Yeah I opened it while I was playing...
Poor guy, just do it.
dumbfuck SpOtTeD aiight
Nope, it's the upload time.

Here's what happens when I opened the window just now (2012/3/10) image: c1yqfl4e2w8msgg2n
rofl cannot think of anyone who would cheat like that :D

sad polaks :D
kurwa big mac !
reviens ici qu'on joue 8D
me voila où es tu !
haha scumbag polaks

knew that fanatic was some kind of piece of shit but still :D
I doubt that Kirej will do such a thing for retards like hunter.
still wonderin how he can play with such a retards
image: If%20you%20know%20what%20I%20mean.
nice life talking about nerds on saturday evening
Partying before 9pm a saturday?
hunter is a joke anyway
add me op LoL heb je toegevoegd :-)
polaks will be polaks
you are so funny :D match was played 4 days ago and so this investigation took you 4 days, nice XD im 100% sure kirej was on ETTV. but you just proved with your screenshot that Benjii was specing this game on hub and telling you info, gg
you are mindfucked.
benjii got the slot n°2
your friend the slot n°1

So you friend basically came before
if you notice, i join game between 2 game, during the warmup ;) i have log, so i can prove it, but u, unfortunately u cant... so sad
I cant? i was on the game server and played in this game. I have tzac screenshots so I can prove it. So it's not sad at all :-)
As you said, you are 100% that Kirej was on HUB so you are talking shit every new post...

image: it's_time_to_stop_posting-(n1296694987668)
HUBETTV , it's time to get some english classes with reading comprehension.
Oh sorry, one mistake...

He was with you on TS or how can you proof, that he was on ETTV, not HUB?
I don't need to prove anything. Kirej said it wasn't him, that he was on ettv and I believe him.
TBH, there is not proof that it was Kirej except screenshots.

So I have to trust you, but your movement was so obvious.
yea they suck and cant win without some "help"
Next time better play without any ETTv ... :/

If this its true .. and it looks like .. fucking bad sportsmanship... even you cant win nothing .. just connect , be fair , dont talk bullshit and play... last 2 weeks i also meet so many fucktards on the server who spam & whine so much ... i dont get it... get mature :/

ET a community full of shit :/
oh oh hoo
"It might be Kirej, but no proof except this tzac screenshot and this one."

even your proof-screenshot shows the name of one of you that is behind tank, HOW TO GET THIS IN ET WITHOUT ETTV? TELL ME PLEASE
you are mindfucked.
y u reply to me all the time? who are you? fucking stalker?
Quote by fanaticTELL ME PLEASE

i just tell you
Shoutcaster mode

My work here is done.
you are supposed to be an admin? not going to accept any games with you refing anymore, fuck you
gonna ref estonia vs netherlands, np :D
hahah serious biznis man!!!!
trolololo :DDDD dont even know what that hub is and what did u say but those proofs convinced me u are right! hilarious :DDD gj froggy sherlock i suggest u start solving the riddle why u suck so hard now. fucking remarkable perceptiveness LMAO stupid fuck
Whatever this polack did he is guilty.

image: Electric-Chair

Have a seat, bro.
its nice of u but not gonna take your seat, just stay where your are and stfu
hundesohn schweig
pm mamouth, he have HUB servers logs
good, just curious if he can say sorry as easy as he can accuse
You know it or you only mean that he have server logs (IP a co)
hes the hub owner
Can be true, but HUBs don´t log :)
HUB has no logs
dumbass no log on HUB
dumbass on HUB

[14:26:30] [@SIMOON_] nan mais le pire
[14:26:38] [@SIMOON_] c'est que le jour du match
[14:26:46] [@SIMOON_] il fait ouai np ca sera izi a prouver
[14:26:55] [@SIMOON_] faudra demander les logs du hub a mamouth
[14:26:58] [@SIMOON_] et il aura sont ip

*ba dum tss*
heureusement que sur gtv ils sont intelligents et qu'ils enregistrent aucun log :)
c est la faute de gtv mtn???

les autres peuvent whine autant que simoon vu que tu t es connecté aussi sur le hub, en plus de leurs part.
c'est vrai que je suis tellement bete que j'ai aider simoon et sa team en me mettant sur le hub, puis j'ai pris un screenshot, puis je l'ai diffuser partout.

Je me suis grillé je crois
silence idiot
désolé obez
la bonne excuse du mad :)
tellement mad que jdois parlé du physique :)

chuck norris de l internet
on fait ce qu'on peut :)
HUBs have no logs. You can ask gtv admin. GTV node auto create and connect server with no log when it's needed.

only polaks you can trust in them is POIUSSINO and fwraven.

chuj ci w dupe skurwysyn
haha low polaks needing help from specs. Fucking lame, they should get a forfiet loss to you guys... The fact they lost a map with such an advantage makes me laugh at how shit they are...
i can see benji too
lol i am totally amused :D nice sherlock skills :D good job ! :)
hub pw's are hidden now
good job, but you shoudl do something because we can't connect manually TV server to the HUB if we don't know password. Here is my idea :
store the password in database, so when I want to manually add a TV server on the hub, the TV server will auto get the right passwords. It will be perfect :)
that's actually a good idea but i dont know if skooli wants to code it :P
for now, if you need the pw just /q one of us (site sups and higher) ^^
atm the moment I already circle (dunno if good word ?skirt ?) that. I connect another HUB to game server, and TV server to HUB. But it's boring to do it all the time :D (for example on andy's server because my french provider blocked his server's ip :x)
You were right about them on the first place btw.. 8)
Well, that's pretty sad. :D

e: In fact it's not just pretty sad, it's despicably sad. :D Their lack of skill is inexcusable and the win should be revoked.
19 seconds to connect to the server

is your pc 8 years old?
With my laptop it takes 50 seconds atleast.
laptop Gameboy.
laptop Gameboy microwave
laptop Gameboy microwave bird
lol what :D
Manager:Poland fanatic` (Requestee)
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