me3 coop

Anyone up for some mass effect 3 games? If so add me on Origin: Gungy
so the more MP you play the less assets you need to collect in SP in order to reach 100%?
I finished the game. But I cant understand why the War Map is in the SP. Cant do anything with my assets etc.

I chose to control the reapers. And after the credists the game continued before I attacked Ceberus base. :(
you might wonna edit that cause to anyone who has not finished yet its a massive spoiler.
but ye thats what you call a cliffhanger
And what about the war map?

It only says unable to bla bla, galactic at war or something. And shows 50% on sides for all the parts.
? Aint gonna play multi-player.
When I was on top of the citadel I didn't know which side was which option :o So I accidently destroyed all technology apparently.
And did it have any other outcome?
I mean, why would I even collect assets then, I could finish the game easily without them
Don't add him, he hasn't got time for that! We need him!
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Seriously, can you just gtfo?

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