Resident Evil 6 !!!

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City !! Release End of March, what do you guys think?
I playing resident evil since ps1 and i cant wait anymore on the new title.

Any predictions? :)
Looks so horrible omg
a man giving a giraffe a head

great logo
Times like this I like to think of it as a woman
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be released in March, not Resident Evil 6.
You still train a lot in the gym etc?
Not that much right now, living in the mountains. And i had cancer in the darm, i had 4 operations in the last 6 Month. But its done, i won almost the fight against it. So basiclly i will start in Mai again, i guess it wont be enough to have a great summer :p
Wow that's crazy man :o. Nice to hear that it's going to be ok. Good luck with training in Mai ;)

Did the doctors have an explanation "where" the cancer came from? Maybe you lost weight too fast or smth? Or just bad luck?
Well i was fat in the past, and he said it might can be there to the time aswell but they didnt saw it. And now when i lost 50 kilo's they found it. And it never makes any problems untill 6 month ago, well i had alot of luck because it was positive. darm = 3 negative and 1 positive.

And i was lucky that they found it, i had problems with my "blinddarm" the little darm, i dont know the words in english and when they cut it and take it out of my body they found the real one. Well and the doctor told me its not a normal one, its a special cancer who they never saw. They send everything to a special hospital to "Heidelberg" the best one in germany and also some stuff to the best cancer experts to the uk. And everyone says its really hard to explain what is it, There are alot of little tumors but a good ones, they cant cut it completly its to far inside 20% are still in, they hope its not going bigger again and staying like it is.

No Metastase stroying yet, so i can stay with that after i die or it can happen that it goes to negative over the next month/years they dont even know. They doing the best they can, now i have to be lucky. Well also no operations are possible because they cut 2,5 meter of my little darm, and its 4 meters at all. And every ppl needs 1,5 meter to stay alive.
A next operation is impossible if its going bigger i will die soon or later, righ now my last op was 3 weeks ago and nothing changed and i need to be all 3-6 month to control everything. The good think is everything happen in the small darm not in the big ones, there is nothing. Well i had to live with that, but i got allready so much trouble in my live with epileptic attacks in the past (maybe you remember the lan story) when i attend crossfire lan and i had 1.

And was 3 weeks in special hospital in Hamm (germany) first i was in enschede in one. But i feel good right now and i will approve !! And well i never post smth about it on CF yet ,because you know its not like you meet each other on lan, here are many kids around who talking crap shit. Thats why i act also the most times retarded on CF, i give a shit. The ppl who meet me on lan knows how i act in real life thats enough. No need of these CF kids : ) cheers

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I approve hahaha :D
I feel u bro & stay strong!!
thanks bro, but i can handle everything = )
2 bad m8 hope u do well

Gl with it :)

Fuck gym ... take care for ur health first :)

you can always make the perfect body shape
Yeah but i need it for my self and for my ego :p
Wow heavy story! Good luck! Keep eating healthy and keep your head up and everything will be just fine ;-).grtz
np : ) i will take care, and you continue with gym !
Well actually I'm not really a gym boy :p. I'm more a tennisplayer who sometimes adds some gym to be a bit stronger etc. But I've had Pfeiffer since end of december so I have almost done no sports at all the last months :(. I'm gonna try to restart again this week so I can be in good shape in summer to play some good tennis :)
ultimate douchebag
Enjoy life man. Experience like that should help you live life to the fullest if youre just willing :)
Good luck daniel±
thanks jani : )
wow for real??
yes , i am not joking with smth like that. You can ask around in survive ts or in pmcg or anything else who play with me these days. I never posted smth on CF untill today, because i receive then allways stupid comments :p but i give a shit. The ppl who knows me knows whats happen. simple
dude, i feel bad for you, i take all my words back, you were seriously annoying me with how you act but cancer fuck this i had a friend not that old who died from it

stay strong dude
yeah np mate, well i act only like that in the internet.
And i take of myself dont worry = )
looks fucking awful

gief back the old RE's gameplay
Both look rather interesting. Still need to buy the 3DS one also.
last RE I played was Nemesis
I have all parts except for Resident Evil 3 and the Survivor shit.
Can't wait for the next movie but the next Capcom product that is coming into my house is Devil May Cry HD (1-3 for Xbox360/PS3) in March, already pre-ordered. I'll definitely try the new R.E. game but I doubt it will be any good.
Also i haven't played through ANY of the games i own except for the 5th.
1 Directors Cut + 2 on PS1, Code Veronica on PS2, 4 on Wii, 5 on Xbox & PC.
DMC 1-3 HD is going to be so good <3
RE 3 was good, you should check it out
i know. i know :)
looks like james bond or rainbow six
Don't know why everyone was hating part 5. Have never finished it and, of course, it was not that scary, but still was enjoyable. Don't know what the next one will be like, probably going to buy it though as soon as it get's a little cheaper :)
got everymotherfucking RE bitches
re1 was a big game gang bang mdfk
yeah pixel zombies bro, tho big animated scenes and stuff

RE2 my favourite, insane story and spooky shit

RE3 is somewhat good aswell :PP

others were all meh
true, the 3 firsts were fucking amazing even if it was pixel zombies and shit

idd re2 was my best memories, my man
yee bro glad we share same love about re2, i was like 10 y/o back i nthe day when my dad played it on ps1 i was shitting brix hard after all thouse zombie sounds and stuff

great memories xD
haha man same same, golden times
Shame its not out on PC, really enjoyed RE5. Looking forward to the PC one in November!
thats not resident evil 6, this is ->
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