butchji TZAC?

Why did butchji not use TZAC while playing against Sweden? :)

TZAC : http://tz-ac.com/profile.php?id=5048

CB : http://clanbase.ggl.com/humaninfo.php?hid=1295966

GTV Link : http://www.gamestv.org/event/31625-germany-vs-sweden/

Sup Forfeit incoming?
cheating obv
jaipuri whore
lol look the screenshot at TZAC

date: 12.3.2012 00:12

Watch very good on the right side, there is some1 through the wall.
can you please donate your magic eyes to me for a short period so I can see what the fuck you are talking about
Sue him to CB C&A!
apparently they accepted that he would play without tzac by readying up
What I tought, I think it's in the rules that players accept it by readying up. butchji probably just for got boosting through TZAC.
Actually no. I remember we once played against Webe (back when he wasn't a cool guy) and sungi and TZAC wasn't working for anyone with WinXP and they agreed that LudA can play without and after they lost, they complained that LudA wasn't using TZAC (even though I had made screenshots of them clearly saying WE ALLOW HIM TO PLAY WITHOUT TZAC BECAUSE IT'S BUGGED) and got a forfeit win then. Because no matter what, if a player plays without TZAC, you lose. Unless you're on linux or some shit.
seems like admins are not following their own rules
whats new
Another NC drama...
what I don't get is why were they playing on a server without tzac forcing?
I think all gtv servers don't have the tzac server-addon installed
Because if the tzac server is offline, the server is not working anymore! BOOM!
or perhaps, for a more obvious reason, because it's gtv servers and ettv don't connect using tzac? :DDDDD
Well I can guess they used those shit servers since they are too cheap to rent a 12 slot server for 5 euros a month
Don't complain, afterall it's a free service they provide, paying with their own money!
Except they connect to every other server that forces TZ-AC just fine. :P
Ah I connected from punkbuster public to the match server. :p Forgot it but obvious forfeit is obvious.
haha butchji busted hiding cheats
Bohemian Butchji praccing on nexus???
name make me lol :D
It does have a nice ring to it, I agree.
time to return to SC2 !
prac hard @ hirnlos
wow.. this must really feel like sooo 2006-2007.

"cheats".. "hacker"..

so tell me butchji, how does it feel to finaly get the pooh slinged at you again? :p

missed it alot?
haha I don't see anyone here who thinks I cheated tbh :p
thats true:/

So, not exactly like good old days.:)
On the match was nothing obvious, dont think that he wanted to cheat..
cmon guys its butchji, you wanna destroy et?
image: cheater

hacker backing up hackers
said the cheater
what I don't get is why the fuck did you check butchji's tzac account
probably a fanboy
im always checking if these pros change their configs.
fuck off haters.
hes playing on that account for months already.
First that crane bug abuse, now one player without tzac.. IKEA ragestorm incoming
Forfeit win for Sweden then, if the rules dont have an exception for top players.
Seems like Germany are good at making mistakes!

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Comments has been deleted,HEIL ADMINS!
image: NoFreeSpeech
seems like he care
team india did not have enough players that actually live in india, you were still allowed to play so show some respect
and where exactly did i disrespect anyone?
Some challenged people think mentioning a negative fact counts as disrespect.
>just now noticed butchji is a cheater

You newfags gonna newfag.

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drawgun 1 >D
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