Summer Car Songs?

Dear Crossfire,

8 Weeks still and its almost summer, the gym goes well.
Still snow here in the mountains but that will go soon.
Well i need some good summer songs for the car!

Like this:

I prefer something with decent bass, techno is pretty nice also nigger shit is welcome.

ok thans for your help anyway

image: 420077_2534064971190_1840530750_1516876_104318541_n

Greetings to Weight Watchers India Suppe mental, to matze knopp phazoR, to schnitzel peter kevin, to bene aka yvette 2012! , to stray aka landschafts bäcker für hobby türken. Und natürlich der ganzen survive crew.

*EDiT* Shoutout to kresti aka lionel messi für poor guys.

#survive we approve

image: 423737_2534062931139_1840530750_1516871_2108560938_n
All these guys posting youtube vids, cars don't have internet fools!!
Audi,BMW and Mercedes have i net :D
lets paste some CD's then
yeah because that makes fucking sense doesn't it, ya twat.
What I've always asked myself, if they're like both Romeo & Juliet and Bonny & Clyde, do they kill themselves or others? Or is this just his attempt at creating the most cliched love song ever?
wo ist mein shoutout du holzhacker
rockefella issa :D
Parent Rhythm & Sound - Boss Man Pablo Moses - Proverbs Dub xoki - pull up
- - Omar-S - i hate Sraunus - Maas Detroit in Effect - Detroit Technobass
that autoexec song is pretty good imo :l
Queens Of The Stone Age obviously

Anthony Bourdain's seal of approval
Vampire Weekend - Oxford Xoma
Vampire Weekend - Diplomat's Son
Housse de racket - Roman (Oliver Remix)
The Drums - Money
The Foals - Cassius
Phoenix - Everything is everything
Plan B - She Said (16bit remix)
Metronomy - The look
Got many others if you want some ;)
hahahah digga .. wir haben nicht mal fladenbrot :D
If you listen to this kind of music on the road you die for sure and what the fuck is in your girlfriends lip :D
danza kuduro!!!!
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