ccdt captains

jo crossfire community players,
I want to know what do u think about ur captain/co-captain. Well I heard some bad things about some captains :x, are u happy with ur current captain? did u play some matches before the cup? are they insulting u if u make mistakes? are they ramboing the whole time and going only for frags?
just tell me that :)
and for the captains who are doing that GTFO, its a fucking fun tournament, its not a cup where u can win money or sth like that, its a cup to give the the lower skilled player the chance to play with skilled people, but if u insulting them or replacing them by higher skilled players its fucking useless.

and for the admins, how the fuck is that possible that 1 low skilled player cant play that cup, that he will get replaced by a med+ player???

thx for ur attention and sry for my english

well i had fun aswell with my team and i hope it will be second version of it but they have to change some things ;<
e: last question: do u want a 2nd version of that ccdt??
thnx for filuS and zMk for replaceing promen and wassabi btw was fun
I actually had fun with my team!

Even though we are already knocked out, I enjoyed playing with them than some better teams I've played with
Such as late night mixes on ts ":D"
<3 thnx u too ^^
Such as any mix with fumble?
to bad my internet wasn't cooperating...
such as kipzz & havoc making you the player you are today?
Very nice to play with you and lettu.
We didn't pracc, but at the end of the last game we had a good feeling, and supply for mental was pure unluck :(
Lettu was a bit shy, rest of the team was talkactive and gave the right infos.

Looking forward to CCDT2, hopefully I'll get you as captain :D hopefully you won't get me, it would mean loosing all the games
i have nothing to complain concerning s1lent & gr0ss. Was fun to play even if we lost our last war :(

i guess there's only the true nerdz to whine on their teammates :))
:) also enjoyed
ive really enjoyed my team, nice people without the ego many players have
im getting carried by "low" players :)
u got awesome team, surely got a nice chance to get to finals
Was fun to play with Rauls and mant. They are friendly and hepled me with some things what I´m doing bad, so :) Played few matches b4 tournament.
Jahe who is playing with Testi & Green_Clon is having a lot of fun. He told me when we went to bed that the atmosphere is very relaxed and no one's ever whining. If someone ever makes a mistake no one flames but it's communicated as "awww so unlucky!" ;)

Jahe is also really happy with the advice he gets from both of them. Also they played a couple of matches before the "competition" started :)

Actually that's how it should be, and I envy Jahe for having so nice teammates when I am not able to play myself because we only have 1 gaming-PC. =(
good to hear! well, i enjoyed it too.
you better! :D
s1lent and gr0ss are noobs man :S

but yeah they are cool, nothing to complain
too bad some of these captains aren't really that skilled :D
well i have to agree that i am not that skilled like other captains/co captains, but tbh i had no clue that i am co captian because i signed up as a community player^^ and when the groups where published i was searching my name and saw that i am co captain of team scarzy :DDD but i guess they couldnt find 64 "high" skilled players that fast :) i just hope i did a good job :P
having fun with u specula <3 :D
i have fun too ;)
cu on thursday mate^^
mant and raul were very nice! i enjoyed to play with my team :)
my captains are noobs, we are in winnerbracket round 3 tho. :p
you almost lost to us!
you guys did well on radar!
dont you dare to call butchji a noob :p
! wont happen again !
sinnu and sh1zzle are cool, dont whine and some funny guys :) Good captains aswell
Quoteive really enjoyed my team, nice people without the ego

squid without the ego,best captain perhaps in this tournament,making tactics with a guy than not allowing him to play for random excuses
BEHAVE as you should be in your age!!
behave?did i not behave...?i left sad that i waited 1 week almost to play with this guys for at least one game only that at the end to hear what:"ooo i can t let you play with that ping",when perhaps"hey let s fix that ping problem" would have been more nice?

i joined et pro because of high skillers ,so i can have fun and play good matches and in the end what did i found?
get over it already :)
i get over but i feel bad and you should think if that is nice
nice team (teamSZ = SQuid and Zodiac) cool guys
pretty happy about my captain! it's amazing to see how calm and chilled Croatia frozz is even in the most exciting situations, so he's still able to do some important calls.

but I really enjoy playing with the whole team because we have a great atmosphere ingame with nobody complaining & whining and just staying calm even under pressure. :)

and I get the feeling we have a surprisingly good teamwork somehow
and yea, frozz is really chill :D
I knew something was wrong with the flag ... thanks ;)
a good captain wouldnt have allowed his team to lose against fucking lows

if carrot doesnt work a good cap will go for whip
Well yEnch did a good job as a captain considering the fact that we got to form the team 30 minutes before the cup started. We made some quick tactics, had some fun, had some good feedback from the players who played with us. Except the last game, wasn't a lot of fun to lose from a certain win position :p

All in all, was fun and I hope we did a good job for our team and we can play again sometime.
2nd game was gg!
was fun and exciting, players who played with us def got the real experience. Only ETTV missing, was really entertaining actually.
Thats the other thing that definitely needs improving, waiting for so long for a simple IP is irritating.
match against u was just awesome
i love it when 2 teams on the same level playing against each other^^
yup, i'm a bit disappointed at me though, every time i start playing i am quite decent, by the end of the day i'm fucking awful, as you could see in supply.

and god, are you annoying with the garand or what, fucking hell...

gg tho
i know that feel ;)
if i play 3 or more hours then i am worser and worser and idk why and i am shit in the 1st match aswell^^
swanidius and vokki: quite nice guys, they just tell us the basics, which is enough, maybe on grush we might have needed a bit moar :D but it is fun to play, no flame in this team and it's a really nice experience.

In some points i got approved (some thoughts i already had).

Only thing i have to mention: swanidius is sometimes really hard to understand (maybe it is the voice, maybe it is the mic), i can, my other mates obviously can't :p
swanidius aka darth vader ;)
That's just swani and he's a fucking awesome guy!
Swanidius voice is just <3 xD
so it was my voice fault when everyone was wandering around on GR and didnt do what me and vokki said! :D well i try to speak more clearly next time
well, i mean i was able to understand you quite okish, but i think, when we played supply first, they did not even heard that we should all push top :p and first war i had amazing worldchat-fail :o)
Sinnu is ramboing like all the time, dont say any coms and just keep flamming@us with Shizzle , they had to carry us into wb round 3.


Dat team is awesome, nice guys and nice teamplay so what else ?
i have to admit that your team is somehow overpowered :p
good leadership
stexx and elvis: retarded, disrespectful, arrogant?,...
On a simplement pas joué. Ils n'ont donné aucune nouvelle. Rien, ils n'étaient même pas présent. A quoi ça sert de s'inscrire si c'est pour après ne pas jouer et pénaliser toute une équipe et des joueurs qui eux étaient réellement motivés.
Je sais, c'est des polaks de merde et en plus ils sont pas super bons et se croivent au dessus :]
On a simplement pas joué. Ils n'ont donné aucune nouvelle. Rien, ils n'étaient même pas présent. A quoi ça sert de s'inscrire si c'est pour après ne pas jouer et pénaliser toute une équipe et des joueurs qui eux étaient réellement motivés.
t'inquiète, j'ai déjà joué avec eux et ils sont extrêmement chiant. En fait, c'est jamais de leur faute. Il faut toujours qu'il blâme quelqu'un d'autre qu'eux, En plus leurs anglais est nul à chier.
NetherlandsJOSHUAsaKen - really great so far, relaxed atmosphere and no whine/rage/flame whatsoever towards us drafted players (even tho we probably deserve it :D), just encouragement and other positive stuff.
Agree. I thougt joshua and saken would be yelling "you suck why you didnt kill him etcetc" but actually they are nice. Im not so good player and i know it, they just that they dont care about my skill just want to have fun. Really great sofar! + Our team mates are nice too! nice to play whit.
yEnch and x3Nja did a great job imo, eventhough we played only two games.
They stayed calm and didn't insult or rage to anyone.
I'm going to do the opposite and give you my perspective from a captain point of view.

The team had only 1 person I'd ever played with (Specula). The rest I knew of but had no idea about their ET ability, but was pretty surprised that we managed to hold some stages quite well, especially in the second game.

A little encouragement, a bit of a laugh, a pinch of communication, and some very basic tactics can go a long way, and it's been fun thus far!

Fuchs to replace me on Thursday as I'm busy sadly, but would like to see another one with more concrete lineups in the future. There have been some weird things happening, such as deztro quitting a few days before the cup etc, and teams not having enough players. Just needs adjusting slightly, and perhaps not as many players.
That's my boy
It was fun to play with Monkey, good atmosphere at comms, had some changes with lineup but it didnt matter.
Looking forward to play more at thursday!
Scarzy and specula good boys
Scarzy is a really nice guy to talk to etc
teammates nice except for the laggy polak Haokaoakoaakoakaoa
He's a nice guy too, he just lags which is annoying for us sure, but imagine what it's like for him!
Didn't say the contrary, just that the lag was annoying, yeah ;)
hvk and mental have been awesome, got nothing to complain about! Couldnt have hoped for better captains tbh
Sinnu and Shizzle are doing fine. Atleast we dont get flamed ^^ + atmosphere is really nice
dont even try to flame banaan man, dont try
dont even try to threaten scarzy man, dont try
been there done that
That's why i'm playing :P, sup btw scarzeh
was a failure, didnt get to play cus none of our captains showed up :(((
thats rly sad and things like that shouldnt happen :(
PolandFanatic & FranceTomoyo

No complains. Nice atmosphere. Good games, cu in finals

Tho we had Griim instead of Fanatic first game, no complains about him either :)
sebi and nonix

eventho nonix is a bit shy, sebi is doing a good job. we pracced before the matches and also won most of them. We did tactics etc and everything went well. After playing our first draftmatch we got rolled hard but we still stayed calm and didnt flame each other. Then we won the next game in the loserbracker without any problems and everything seems fine now :>
my team is perfect, but remove this faggot ati. he ruins the game for us with his flame and screaming on ts.
scumbag ati
I'm going to do the opposite and give you my perspective from a captain point of view.

We and the guys didn't only got to play yesterday because some of them were busy at days and the late adittion of United Kingdomkip. I couldn't be angry since most of them are currently inactive.

I didn't know what to expect from my player, but they have surprised me in every way possible. Noone was shy, we all comunicated, noone flamed, was a great experience and I can't wait to play again tomorrow.
you can always play with urself if your buddys arent there for you.

[21:53:49] —› Part: Krein [] has left #CCDT

[pl]siema pozdro i ta smykalka do draftow jak zwykle na propsie, pedaly forever <3[/pl]
United KingdomR0SS & sqzz

R0SS is nice and helpful, sometimes he rages on some people, cause they don't follow tactics, but nevertheless he is good captain with sidekick sqzz, who says occasional joke and flames R0SS XD
+1 they both make a great duo as captains but R0SS doesnt really rage, it's just constructive criticism which is needed at those points to get the team to play together
haha would like to hear that flaming :D
Hahaha how expected was that :D :D
I had fun at ts3 and ingame. L4mpje and Ati_ are cool guys, same as other teammates <3
R0SS and sqzz are great really, pretty clear what is expected of us and when it comes together makes you feel good to see you're doing well against some other pretty skilled teams. sqzz is insane, both in pwnage and in the way he showed up to irc to announce a prac at 3 in the morning.
United Kingdom Baggiez really nice captain to play with, have enjoyed playing with him, good tips but he gets mad really easily and lets himself go in global chat and Ventrilo a little bit too often, so he made our girl teammate (Netherlands jetaza) cry. Good job asshool
Don't forget about best co. captain Netherlands teKoa, best comms ever.
Playing with Anonymous xperia and United Kingdomrazz was great fun, they really showed us some nice tactics and tried their best to get us in the next round.
They didn't get mad or started screaming or smth and we had some funny moments on ts. (razz trying to convince someone to sing for us / short beatbox session ;) )

btw. did razz play with some germans earlier? Because if u aren't a good english speaker it must be quiet hard to understand his accent :D
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