Was bored and thought I'd upload some clips I had on my PC.

This was my first attempt for 3rd movie, but decided after I'd go with another song, some unseen material there but mostly seen rollage.

This made by Finland niko <3

Enjoy, bitches.
I like you griim.
You're a bitch.
take that back
I shall do no such thing, good day sir.
dave gay
Griim hard gay
R0SS getting pistol whipped? must be fake :S
oh Dave <3
went to credits to see shoutouts, saw none, didn't go back to the start
expected gay porn
Avi please? :(
ultra gaaaaay
ffs stream
Best song ever
Who is this noname?
dave.mp4 wth @colors? xd

dav.mp4 @ 24ko/s dl :O
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