Who wears glasses?

I recently got some glasses for computer work and reading. Since I was getting a really bad eye strain in my right eye, I decided I better get checked before it got worse. Luckily he said I didn't 'need' them it's just my eyes are opposite short and long sighted. I was in quite annoying pain as it felt like someone was moving my right eye to the right and pulling on the back of my eye!

I decided to go for some glasses as it will help with the strain on my right eye, and OMG how things are so much clearer, I can't describe how detailed things on the screen are now :D.

I used to have to wear glasses when I was reading when I was younger about 10 years old as my eyes used to water whilst reading...

So yes, who here wears glasses? I have French Connection glasses, nothing special on them. £165 from Specsavers.

I would show image but I can't find the lead for camera >.<

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I have 1 month :( and already destroyed them -.- and now w8ting for new one
eva angelina
lol is it weird i thought the same?
nee is niet gek, zij heb best goeie jopen
i think itc perfectly normal for a heterosexual guy that enjoys porn : )
4eye nerd
If only true :D, and I'm quite sure glasses don't give you 4 eyes.
Fucking +1
I have to wear em but I don't :D:D:D::D::D:D::D
my eyes are perfect :>
I wouldn't call eyes that are beautifull perfect, the deep endless blue color has been a maze to me for such a long time!
u have blue eyes?
I have a very slight astigmatism, so use them only at school for reading the board at the front etc
same here, though I don't use them

glasses make me look too intelligent you know
I dont use em either, glasses make me look sexy, and I've already got enough chicks after me...
lol only nerds wear glasses.
Can't see shit, needed glasses at the age of 10 or so, wearing them in all circumstances.
need to wear them for driving :<
I have glasses for 12 years, wearing 24/7 :D. I look wierd without them.
I have for pretty some time now, cant really imagine world without them. first thing I do in morning - put my glasses on, last thing before bed - put my glasses off :)
...I can't even wear contacts cause my eyes are too dry :/
too much weed mate XD
you're right.
that's why I don't think it's funny. 8(
nerds wear glasses
Blind said :D
still no geek
Sunglasses, check
About 10 years ago oculist said I have to wear glasses when reading, watching tv or working on PC, for small correction. After about one month I obviously dropped that like a lot of people do. Five months later I went for another control visit and the guy said my eyes are getting better. Finaly after about 2 years oculist said that my eyes are perfect again, even when I didn't realy wear that glasses and I've spend many hours infront of PC/TV

image: 7nTnr
my eyes are getting worse and worse every year, regardless if i wear my glassses or not.

True story
I wore glasses and contact lenses for a couple of years till last September when I had laser eye surgery done, well worth the money and can pay it interest free over 2 years.
Don't you have to retake the whole process after a few years because it got back to the original situation?
Nope, it should last till I'm in old age and even then I'll only need reading glasses
Lol no :D They give you a guarantee if it goes back, you get another surgery for free. But the chances of that are really slim
Didn't you worry about anything going wrong?:D

Yeah I've seen the £34 per month payback, looks really nice... but didn't like watching it being done... The way they just use that tool to peel it off.... ERRRRR lol.

What made you go and have it done with only having glasses for a few years?
On the day I was bricking it yeah, so went to pub before hand, was bad idea has they had to do this thing 3 times on one eye where they pressurise the eye ball before making the cut because I couldn't concentrate properly lol

I decided to have it done mainly for convenience, hate putting in lenses and glasses are a pain when on holiday and at work when doing activities.
Getting glasses soon, had contacts but I dont like them :d
needed glasses from when I was about 15 but never actually wore them, just lived with short sightedness :P

in Jan this year (I'm now 24) I went and had an eyetest and bought contact lenses.

I went from living with pretty bad short sightedness to 20/20. Ridiculous change
contacts ftw :)

Yep, they were the nicest ones there tbh, others seemed really flimsy and opened too easy. These are sturdy and fit really well on ears & nose.

Not a bother wearing them at all.
Been wearing glasses since I'm 9 years old. I got -4 on both eyes.
I tried contacts for a few months, but they were horrible.
infect wears glasses, he is nerd
reallife graphic-addone
doing shrooms or lsd improves your eyesight.
I should for reading and such activities but I don't.
And I don't know why..
lol nerd wear glass :::XDDDDD :D;D;DD;DD
alot of glasses nerds. expected
I can see 120 (or150, not sure anymore) percent without glasses, but Im prolly going to buy a pair for when Im driving :)
i wear contacts but glasses broke :(. i usually wore the glasses instead of contacts in front of a screen
Weird as I used to spend 90% of my time infront of my screen playing ET on a VERY BRIGHT config where the snow was pure white! Now I hardly spend much time behind the screen, and my eyes decide to get bad... was it my past 'sins'?
only for driving as my eyes arent exactly that bad (0.5 on whatever those ratings for the lenses are)
i wear contacts for 4 years now
in b4 francis posting gary sunglasses pic
contacts. never take em out, carrying 2 months and replacing.
don't u need to take contacts out when u go to bed? hows the feeling wearing them actually?
Monthly contacts can be worn overnight as well, I never got used to them however. Prefer glasses nowadays, had them for about 9 years now.
u should take em out before you go to bed. however i don't. I'm just too lazy so I use em for a month, then wear glasses for a day and get new contacts. Don't have any problems with it though the eyes get a bit dry if you wear em too long.
how long one contacts last? as u mentioned , u had to get new ones? means u have to buy other one as those old arent good anymore?
There are several different types of lenses including:

soft lenses which last:
1 day
2 weeks
1 month

hard lenses which get fitted for your eyes:
1 year

The cleanest and easiest option is the 1-month lense.
Every night you take it out and put it in a special cleaning solution, they will be clean and fresh in the morning. A pack of lenses for 12 months costs around € 120,-- at least the ones I'm using, there are of course cheaper and more expensive ones.
Lenses are very easy to handle, I for myself don't use a mirror or anything, this can be done while on the way or simply at home.
Usually your eyes will have different dioptres, for example my right eye has -3,75 and my left eye got -3,25, I'm shortsighted. Also the lenses are balancing out my astigmatism.

So you buy a pack of lenses for a year and you just swap em whenever you start feeling them because good lenses won't even be noticed unless they become dirty or dry over time. Also lenses are much more comfortable because they don't limit your FOV unlike glasses, which shrink every picture (try looking at your feet with and without glasses, there's a difference in size because of the special glasscut.

If you have more questions just ask :)
well my sight isn't so brilliant as it was at past, due to spending some more time on pc, but still problem is at long sight i dont see cleary, i.e, some table with some text on it, i wont see clearly what it writes, if i don't step closer and i thought about this already, just never decided permanently what to take, as i can see perfectly at short.
One was to get lenses, but never had knowledge of how it works or process at using it, but was wondering really how much would be payment for it and how is the actual feeling /sight afterwards using them, is it hard to adopt to it and stuffs like that.
y you are shortsighted aswell :)
So u have to pay on ur own for those lenses and how is the feeling when u start using them? How was the feeling at ur case, when u bought them and start using them/getting used to it, took it long time for it, and does it after a while even feel that u have them inside? Tho sometimes i asked, what do u do when ur eye tickles u, so u have to scrach it, u have to take lenses out or ?
i answered all your questions before already :P
Ofc i pay em on my own, social insurance is never gonna take it.
I didn't have any problems with the contacts from the start,
I don't feel em, they don't hurt. However as I tend to keep em in my eyes longer than recommended they dry out sometimes just like today ^^ Also if you are awake for more than 20 hours you start feeling them getting blurry aswell. Just take em out every night and should be np! Not like I do it ;)
Anyway, if you are interested in getting contacts I'd suggest getting to a local seller, they are probably gonna let you try contacts for free, they always have packages for testing purposes / new clients exclusively. That's the way to go.
Wearing glasses over 8 years now I guess. Though my eyesight hasnt changed over 3-4 years now.
10 years here, wearing contacts now mostly tho
22 now and I've had contacts ever since I was 12, I cant wear my glasses without getting headaches, its annoying as hell.
To adapt a french proverb I'd say : Women with glasses may suck your penis.
wearing them for like 3 years now (im 21) because i couldnt see shit from the distance captain
image: %21B5CHKCgBGk%7E$%28KGrHqYOKjgEyPu%29,6ZlBMsIhqVuo%21%7E%7E_12

or contacts
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