iphone hipsters mad

Hey CF:=)

Read this: http://www.hipsterrunoff.com/2012/04/will-all-android-lamestreamers-ruin-instagram.html

this too: http://www.buzzfeed.com/katienotopoulos/iphone-users-disgusted-by-android-instagram

Apple iPhone Hipsters mad :d because Android users can use lame app that can't do very much :D

BTW: Those that have Android, wich ROM's do you use? Atm I'm installing MIUI v4 on it:) had CheckRom v6 before.

Good night

iPhone faggots get over it
CM 7.2 (CyanogenMod)
is it good and can you customize the themes easily?
yes! Very easily, the Theme Chooser / the ones that says CM works perfectly, check it out: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?s=b91f82c01a5ac8d621a3bbbea694850e&f=527
oh and i tested MIUI and CM back then and i prefer CM feature wise (although they are kinda similar), the looks of MIUI are not that good tbh :x
thanks:) ill maybe try it
gingervillain 2.8 atm
is there any software which doesn't void your warranty, and allows you to customize your phone?
yea of course

you can use different launchers from the market like: sweeterhome, launcherpro, adw ex, go launcher and more
So jealous of superior hardware (iPhone 4s).
If you're Indian and are a part of the untouchable caste, I can tell you for sure, they exclusively use android. (only thing they can afford)
Yesterday, the popular iPhone app launched the Android version of its app, opening the doors for Android users to take pictures with vintage filters. This is a reactionary piece by a loyal iPhone user.

Dude? Are you friggin kidding me, Instagram?

This used to be a special place. Me and my iPhone bros shared some SICK photos together. I used mad filters with you. I thought that meant something. It wasn't just about taking pictures, it was about being able to share them with an exclusive VIP group.

That's all gone.

This reminds me of when I went to a prestigious Ivy League university and I had FIRST DIBS on Facebook. Then they let all the public schools have it. Then they let all the high schools have it. Then they let THE PUBLIC have it. Look at what Facebook is now. It's basically Myspace with a better grid system and the ability to protect yourself from emo kids posting bulletins.

Already, so many Android lamestreamers are ruining my instagram feed, posting tons of shitty pictures. I swear, their cameras are hella shitty. iPhones are always gonna be on top, right? I thought we had better apps. Don't tell me the Android users are gonna have it as nice as we do. I paid a premium on an iPhone because I wanted to be part of a higher class of society.

I am PISSED at Instagram for letting Android users have access to this sacred tool of mine. Do you know what kind of people use Androids? People who are too poor for iPhones. I truly believe that this new class of poors will bring down the quality of Instagram, because they will take too many pictures of their poor lives'.

lol, looks like a bad troll
or just an iPhone moron
didn't know you have to join a cult when you buy an iphone or an android..
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