ET:Zombies - What to add.

Hi, we have been making these journals for a reason, and it's not just to spam the fact that ET:Z is being made. We require constant feedback from the community, and as such we will release an Alpha test to a few selected people (or the whole of Crossfire).

Quite a few of you came to test the last compile, and we've fixed the little bugs we had since then. We've also taken into account the suggestions of gameplay changes.

We will release another compile today/tonight for you to come and test.

This revision will contain the HUMAN models, guns & icon modifications. If all goes well we'll throw in the finished new sound set, which is completely new from ET's standard sounds.

If you would like to come and test the game, come along to or check back here later for another journal with the IP.

Please note that the filesize is around 100Mb to download, including sounds & models.

What would you like to see?
What weapons should the Humans & Zombies have?
If you could choose a special ability for the Zombie, what would it be? Maybe, 5 rocks to throw when picking up ammo, maybe temporary speed increase etc...?
What map would you like to see?

We're looking for someone with Photoshop skills who will be able to offer 1-2 hours work on simple edits/new rank icons. Please contact me here or @Quakenet.


Website coming soon.

ET:Zombies Team: Danje, N!trox*, Speer, BlAcky, Backsn!p3, Ischbinz, Sephos, moPPel, Dutchman, Millan. - some of these are not active atm, and we would need them to get in contact with me ASAP please.
->Forum post for me serious respones

And I still think it's a good idea to make one post including most of the features/the ideas/the plan would be good.
You need more kittens. I noticed a certain lack of kittens in the previous compile. I'm sure it is something you are addressing.

image: cute-kitten-15123 etc.
+1 u can never have too much kittens!
The 'grenades' can be kittens for the humans to throw on the zombies so it can distract them for a short moment. These zombies have lost so many brain cells and the ability to function properly after being 'turned/risen' they would momentarily get confused giving the humans some time to either run or get out their flame thrower and burn the bastards back to the ground!

Perfect idea!
i'd love to kill some kittens in the game. thats true :)
People going crazy nowadays bro?
CF is just seeing sense for the first time in a long time

zombies eating kittens to get superpowers :o)
add some vampirewerewolfhermaphroditenazizombies
need zombiemod-filter
allow zombies to steal clothes from dead bodies :O) v18
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