Help my brother please..

Hi, my older brother wants all of the crossfire community to get behind his girlfriend in battle of the bands. If you could vote for her by going to the link below it will be greatly appreciated, and my brother can stop annoying me that way.

Thank you guys.
sounds "okay".
been there done that
I use the oppoturnity to ask all of you people if you could help my very good friend to get from Namibia to back Finland. He won on lottery but can't get moneys cause goverment is being cock. He said he will be very thankfull for those who help him to get back here, so he can redeem his winnings here. He will pay back triple the amount what you donated to him. Pm me the account infos etc where to send moneys. Thank you so much. xoxo
tits or gtfo
done :)
Du hast ein gutes Herz. :')
done ;)
Lets consider.
nekkid pics naw
I'd do anything for an A&F model =$
I'll get behind her , if you know what i mean.
I'll join the Que.
Only 15.000 votes behind.

No Problem, Crossfire will make her win!
but i dont like solo acoustic guitar :/
Sounds nice, done.

edit: also, this community is so harsh usually, but once someone asks for help -- there are lots wanting to help him. wp crossfire, wp.
done!! :)
i like but i dont like
don't have fb so cant help, srry!
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