ET:Quake Wars?

I installed this and managed to play today, it's not THAT BAD. I was a cunt back in 2006 and flamed the game and that thread received like 12k hits and lots of comments. I DID play for a short while on it when I got my key I vaguely remember playing it, but I was always high back then :S.

Why did the game fail? I seen people mention the vehicles and such, but the gameplay isn't too bad! I could see a market for this game (back in 2007), now it's EMPTY?

Was it the same as Quake4, the QWPro mod got released too late or?

I also remember some of the players here jumping to the game, if I remember correctly Rahul and his buddies?
posted some tracks in ur vocal trance journal
lowFPS , does still somebody play that game? i think they arent any publics? ...
Back$n!pe who is working on Zombie mob with you was modding with this other dude to make a W:ET mod in quake wars
i dl the demo and played it game is very nice but my pc is to shit to handle a nice fps
Promod came wayyy too late. The game is still played, there are still tournaments being ran as well.

Gameplay is great. People just didn't give the game a chance, that's all. I hated playing public in that game but servers with competitive settings were great fun.
I always struggled to get to grips with the Vehicles, aiming and even killing tbh but I was lucky enough to have decent guys in the team to make up for it so I could just run around, Planting mines, bombs and repairing things which is what I loved to do. Oh and I also loved being a rocket man!
We did have some good times, man.
i love you too <3 ! :D
ET and Quake it sounded good,
But it won't own quite like it should
None of my bullets ever hit,
The spread I don't like a little bit
Movement? It's slow like the gameplay
Maybe you could release a patch someday
The interface, is ugly too
Another thing for you to redo
That's sooo 2008.

Movement fast, netcode crap yes.
Sounds like orc mischief to me..


I just want ET with new maps and textures etc
Same hitboxes, speed etc

Companies dont like to create good competitive multiplayers as people dont buy new games then
'I was a cunt back in 2006 and flamed the game and that thread received like 12k hits and lots of comments'

did you really need to add this?

'but I was always high back then :S.'

srsly i know ur cool already with your huge hits on that thread you made back in 2006, u dont need keep being coool
I was clearly stating I was a knob back then, pure flamer such as yourself.
wiv yur hooge freads
lots of nerds (winghaven, rahul, relold, swedes and others) were rolling it highlevel for like a year or less?

then boom shit is done, i had bad PC back then, when i got pc 2007(june, half a year right), the game was practically dead.
Game came out in September 2007.
then i got my pc 2008 june, and by then game was d34d, still publics were active tho
In 2008, the game was much more alive than ET was at the same time ;)
You wish big boy ;))))
I played the game competitively with Kapoks and UK NC team (as Kipster) it was a great game to play and didn't deserve all the flak people gave it. Lots of people slated the game without giving it a real chance and that kind of spoiled it for the players that embraced the change and really got into it. I'm thankful for people like hannes- for the development of the pro mod and Seanza for being an cup admin and making the games more accessible to viewers with the TV channels etc.
good old times! :P
Yes Gungy awesome times and some days I really miss it! I had some of my best times in ET playing with Business District and on TS! Does anyone still go to BD TS and play mixes?
If QW had the movementstyle (trickjumps, bunnyhopping etc.) like ET it would have had a great success I guess. Also the low FPS made the game not enjoyable.
I know the movement in ET is caused by an unintentional "error" in the quakeengine but this makes the game special more than ever. I rly dont know why developer dont make again a game exactly like ET just in a better graphic with new maps and weapons. QW could have been it.
Reason being companies don't want to waste time developing a game that's aimed at a SMALL community. Why would they waste time and money doing something that'd only be interesting to a select few.

Notice that games aim for realism & graphics now, it's the way forward and competitive gaming will come to an end soon, well as we know it anyway.

I also agree ET is an awesome game, mixing everything into 1. WW2 theme has been used and abused, and the last WW2 CoD game wasn't a big success and doesn't have that many players any more. MW3 has millions of players, ET has around 2-3k, I wonder why that is?

Nobody likes to play PC games in todays age, people have gotten lazy and the consoles have killed off the PC gaming sector.
would have been Russia cooller with crouch sliding Q4 madness
watching some Q4 high level matches with their sliding was fun tho not a big fan of Q4 watched some cooler vs tox stuff awesome!
too true :O(
Parent if interested. There are still some competitive activities and ETQWPro is still being played.
they fucked up the engine
I liked it
I always liked the game. The only reason why I'm hardly playing the game anymore, is because it's freakin' hard to find a server with players on it (except for bots but that just sucks)
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