ET Movie Database Nr.2?

Long story short: I had the idea to remake the ET Movie Database, but this time I thought it's better to upload the Movies directly onto a FTP instead of a second uploader. Reason is simple: The chance to lose movies cause these second uploader either delete it or get shut down is quite high, we have all seen that happen with
So my question is; is there anybody out there who has a FTP with around 2 TB free to offer? Also, what do you generally think about this idea as the community seems to get more active again, also the moviemakers seem to have come out of their wintersleep :P

image: af8fn9mr
dat ass is magic *_*
Would be great to watch some of the old ones, good idea.
Quotealso the moviemakers seem to have come out of their wintersleep :P

Then we can expect some fresh HDD crashes too.
It should be for free, I know its hard to find out there but I didn't lose hope so far :)
because I'm an optimist
Optimism has nothing to do with the false expectancy that everything should be free of charge.
I never said that I'm expecting everything to be free of charge, did I? I've seen people posting about giving away free space on their ftp, e.g. beasty, so why shouldn't I believe in finding such an offer again?
I hope something like this will happen! Cuz I wanted to download Parioda the other day, wasnt able to find a download link that was still working :{
I have it on my HDD + around 600 more movies.. just need a decent ftp :s
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