Neymar trick

aww :$

Alexis Sanchez 16 years old - 2006
makes Ashley Young look like Vinnie Jones.
Red card? really :D
lol, neymar dares to do these tricks.
wut if he fails
i bet he doesnt care. he does these tricks coz he aint scared
red card for that? nice referee
look at the slowmo, no intention to play the ball
He was late and had to foul, just a yellow
There's no way that's a legit red card
he was late, he knew he would be late.. so the intention was to harm the player

intentions to harm a player = red, altho i doubt the ref really saw that..
A LOT of fouls in football are intentional, because you just need to stop the attack or because your teammates failed, it doesn't mean that he should be giving red cards left and right
Remember small fouls on your side by defenders, so that a fast attack wouldn't happen? referees rarely even give yellows for that, not talking about red cards
This one wasn't really a dangerous play or a serious goal scoring opportunity, so its a clear yellow card
A fucking red card? Is that ref serious? FUCK ME!!
I wanna see neymar doing that in europe

I think he would make a big fool out of himself vs players like Xabi Alonse or van Bommel
Impossible to do tricks like that and be succesful in Europe?

Greetings from Ronaldo De Assis Moreira alias Ronaldinho
No it's not impossible but you can't compare the brazilian competition vs the european competition. The level is just way higher and we have to wait and see if he can do the same in europe.
I would love to see him do that in Premier League :DDDD
heel de tijd gras eten :D
yep stupid red card. And I think they were winning for 5 - 0 so this type of playing is valid!
lol nice trick in the first vid,but its also just very poor defending..he is just standing there and is waiting for neymar to troll him hard instead of pressuring him
actually ronaldo was the 1st guy who made this trick !
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