Going to finally play Skyrim

So now that I have a week full of time, I decided to finally try Skyrim, especially after I was disappointed with the newest Assassin's Creed( anyone else?).
Any tips before I head too much forward in the game? Any discussions you would like to do?
sneaking + bow sounds like fun.. it isn't.. u easily 1 kill most mobs so it gets quite boring after some time.
for now i choosed to be a redguard with 2 handed weapons ( as i do for most games)
you should try block+unarmed :P
battlemage with conjuration. Starts weak, but gets so strong!
go mage, disable map-click fast travel, promise yourself to not ever sell own made potions for gold, play on the highest difficulty setting, play without any companion when possible, dont get a mule
the disable map-click fast travel does make it annoying as fuck sometimes when your next objective is on the entire other side of the map :(
truetrue, but there is horse carts you can use, easy to forget :)
good point! Forgot about them early on in the game, could've avoided shitloads of travelling by foot :(
why mage? why should i disable fast travel? why not play with companions?
because it is an easy game
What zedd said, melee is very monotone and bow is pretty much one shot kill on everything.

Atleast I found myself abusing fast travel quite a bit after a while, to avoid encounters and to hoard crap. After completing the game all that felt like alot of wasted time, just go from quest to quest and only take crap when you really need it.

Companions is annoying, you can abuse them as mules, some of them can be OP, they block ALOT, the AI is very poor so they will just run and trigger all traps if an enemy is even somewhat close, which probably means that you will have to reload alot.
fat nerd gonna nerd whole week :)

soon max payne
skyrim didn't spark so far

max payne is going to fail hard
did you play alan wake + rage?
rage is fucking trash 0/10
didnt play alan wake
me3 is sorta fun
waiting for max payne, still have good hopes
oh and farcry 3
and prototype 2
and resident evil 6
didnt like resident evil, didnt like the first prototype, farcry im looking forward to (enjoyed fc2 a lot)
i should delete rage? didnt install yet
yes you can delete it, when i palyed it when it came out, it had pixel graphics (loading very slow, you know, bit by bit), guess they fixed that, the game is pretty much boring, physics are boring, story is gay (typical sandbox game), played 2 missions = uninstall

designed for PS3/xbox i guess
You could try : Kingdom of Amular Reckoning
i got very powerful with the bow iz gud
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