Black Ops 2 Reveal Trailer

It's not that I had high expectations from the next Call Of Duty installment based on the fact that they were still going to use the old engine, but this is far worse than I ever could imagine. I won't be surprised if they're going to take a lot of flack for this design decision (e.g. futuristic shit is for games like Halo and Crysis).
not bad but...
This looks terribly mediocre. Kinda like Crysis 2, but worse.
looks shit xD
record sales incoming from kids who act like sheep! (as in the animal NOT the player)
Didnt expect them to rifle the shit out of the gamestores tbh.
even black ops was shit
Wow, I've never seen such amazing explosions, I'll have to upgrade my PC to play it, but it'll be worth it, as long as I get to play this masterpiece.
was playing every cod with such interest, but didn't even finish MW3 :(

cba watching trailer cuz i know it will be the same shit on different city

[e] okay i watched the trailer and it looks ever more fucking gay

futuristic space ship old man horses ugly guns and shit

Quote by youtube fag11 Killstreak: Attack Horses

25 Killstreak: Lightsaber

I wouldn't be surprised at this rate.
Call of Command and Conquer?

Call of Duty - Empire strikes back in 2015
already seen

graphic sucks hard ... looks like a 2007 game max, the storyline now is shit... from the old cod style which was so cool it got to retarded robots... engine is from antiquity

tbh the best COD games were cod mw2,cod 4 and maybe cod bo.

this is what i had to say.

False, there will be new engine using DX11, its confirmed by Treyarch.
Source? Last "leaked" information I read clearly stated they would still be using the old engine.
google it. It's said everywhere ...
I've read the news posts and they don't claim it's a "new" engine anywhere. They're just saying they've made improvements and added visual techniques, so right now I'll have to assume they pimped the old engine and made it DX11 compatible. My previous point will still stand in such a case, because the old engine with some bump mapping and all that shit still won't make it a pretty game by any standard in 2012.
Well I don't know but I don't except/expect? anything from CoD series tbh :)
I'lll download it and play the SP campaing.
Looks shit.
I never hated on CoD series because it's just a game but horses and mechs? :D
But guess it won't be much different then that from previous CoD games. Same shooting gallery... just with horses and mechs...
looks so shitty.
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