What was your worst nightmare??

Last night I had a really terrible nightmare....
It was very, VERY similiar to this:

I feel you brother, luckily I haven't seen similar dream yet !
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2 days ago i had this dream about me being strapped on a bed in like some sort of dark basement clinic and that a mad scientist (looked liked that guy from human centipede) wanted to torture me with sticking large piercings in me. But i somehow escaped while he already sticked like 2 metal objects through my mouth so i couldn't talk. I had 3 doors i could chose from and i picked the right one. I entered the room and there were like 4 guys strapped like me on these beds all chained. i ran past them as fast as i could cause this scientist guy was behind me. I could open the door to leave the room but then i was stuck at some dirty shower place where it was all coverd in blood & dirty stuff. i had more doors & i kept walking through them, but i never found an exit. I really had this feeling i was being chased & scared to death what would happen if he'd catch me. But then i woke up
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basically the worst nightmares i have are the ones where i start to lose my teeth...in those nightmares, i can pull them out just with my bare hands. i dream that several times a year.

worst thing is that it feels too fucking real and after i wake up my jaw still hurts.
lol i get the same:D at some point in the dream im like "okay fuck it im toothless" but it never hurts
yea many people are dreaming of this :p

some religions say that is some kind of precognition which tells you that "something in your life will change"
dream analytics say that those dreams represent the fear of getting old and/or losing your beauty.
im going to go with the ones who actually did some research to make an statement:)
yea its pretty reliable the dream analysis thing, but most of the time i still dream about friends, work or having super powers/the ability to fly rather than losing teeth. :p
i dno i dream a lot but dont seem able to remember much now

tho the dreams i enjoy the most are actually "nightmares" type. Like im escaping from someone, the dream makes no sense when u think about it but it does when dreaming.

I was in a town here in mallorca where i used to go to party and we went to some disco and in this disco there was some mafia who kidnaped people so i ran away, grabbed some weird ass motobike with someone who i pushed off because he was making me go slower. then i got to a beach and they were still chasing me so i started swiming and swam till america to escape, then woke up and thought to myself "wtf why the fuck wud i swim to america"

but i like this dreams cuz i get adrenaline rushes lol.
haha you adrenaline junkie :D

but swimming from mallorca to america...wtf. nice stamina :D
yeh when i woke up i thought.. why didnt i hide in some cave at the coast?
Quote"something in your life will change"

I heard that when you dream of someone dieing in your dream it means this..

I had the same dream twice! It's so sick :D exactly like imabob describes it
your not alone man.
last night i had a nightmare where i got tortured.

Busy to write any details

woke up sweaty, felt bad :(
Being raped by Wakizashiuk. And I am not even making this shit up. About 2 years ago, what a crazy night!

I tell you what I hate, when you fall over in a dream or hear a loud noise and you wake up all flustered and shocked. I absolutely hate that feeling! :D
the moment you are about to fall asleep you mean?
Yeah I get it then too, but when your actually asleep its absolutely crazy! Had a mild heart attack last time it happened haha!
If by fall over you mean where you spaz out for no reason while sleeping and wake up, that's actually a response from your body basically checking that you're not dead.
Yeah but in the dream, I trip over and that's what wakes me up!
and the moment it happens while almost asleep is actually a small epilaptic attack :o
Amazing stat! Haha :D
yeah, bit scary tho!
I rarely have any real nightmares anymore, but I've experienced sleep paralysis consistently for a year or so, it's pretty annoying :d
Had that once when I was out camping, hallucinated that hundreds of people came into my tent.. kind of terrifying.
actually not being able to scream or move is a disgusting feeling.. the hallucinations haven't been too extreme luckily for me, can't imagine how it would feel if you combine that with a real nightmare-esque hallucination :D
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>smoke weed
>no nightmares / dreams
> profit???
i have some weed left. ill save it for bed time. theres no better smoke than b4 bed one and u sleep so well... its awesome
thats exactly wat i did , gn :)
nite. btw how much u pay per gram?
depends ~ 4 - 7e / gram
expensive man:D i never pay more than 3 tho here its all over the place.
probably when i got shot in the head, the atmosphere was just so realistic and felt all the shit when my sight started to fade

lately ive seen nightmares quite a lot, dont know why.
i have alot of nightmares about things i dont want to happen, and its scary as shit because theres a possibility it can come true
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