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So, I finally given in, I started LoL aswell!

Played my first match vs real players today, had 0 kills, 14 deaths and 14 assists :D
My dev bro's been helping me ofcourse, as always ^^

But now they're offline and I want to know some stuff bout LoL.

So, what is the best "equipment" to buy for each hero? I like playing image: ashe_the_frost_archer_blu_skin_by_ganassa-d30q0so, so I guess I'll play the most with her :)

image: dl-1
image: article-0-12E4CD53000005DC-833_306x867
image: Yellow-and-Round

BTW, my nick is Ironiceh, so if you want to add me, please do! :)
to start with, look on mobafire, LoLpro etc for some guides, look at the most popular one for each champion.

key thing about LoL (it was really hard for me) is to not rush in like a moron and stay alone when you can't see anyone on the minimap/in your lane, try to keep an eye on the map often enough, when you see someone giving calls (ss for euwest no idea about the others, mia for NA I think iirc), last hit as much as you can if you have a farm dependent champion as Ashe (last hit=finishing the minion/mob for golds)

also try to have a good knowledge of other champions, this is a key thing to start with, I was stubborn playing only one champ at the beginning, after playing some others I learned the abilities etc

one good thing also is to spec the games from the high ranked guys you can see in the main menu when you log in, it's not a bad addition and when you're bored I guess you'll learn some things

maybe one day you'll become as image: ownerd as me :)
Thanks, I'll take a look at those sites!

Haha yeah, Domi told me a couple of times not to rush and just use the minions as a shield :o]

Thanks for the help ^^


im playing since 3 weeks and this site doesnt look that bad?
Stop using it as soon as possible :)

Use before it's too late!
ye it's what I'm using mostly I just didnt mention ^^
Your gear should be semiflexible, buy stuff appropriate to the situation (are they mostly doing magic damage? Get a negatron cloak earlier than you would)

It's mostly just experience to know what items to get.

For ashe, start with boots + pots or dorans blade

Then start getting your infinity edge (best ad carry item) (but you may have to buy vamp scepter or zeal before it's finished depending on enemy) then get phantom dancer (since it scales well with infinity edge)

From that point onwards it's completely situational. Either get a banshees veil or a quicksilversash(only get this one if they got like malzahar or warwick or skarner and if you will actually use it)

Are they getting armour? Get a last whisper.

Is neither their mage damage a problem and they have no armour? Get a bloodthirster.

Finished build should nearly always be something like this:

Berserker greaves, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Last Whisper, Bloodthirster, Banshees veil (OR, if you need armour and magic resist, grab a guardian angel!)

If you want good guides, look on (do not use mobafire under any circumstance they're made by low level players so won't help you improve your game anyway)

Also, try to finish your big items instead of buying parts the entire time, it will give you more control over your enemies and the game (this is building out your advantage)

My main pointer is to first get good at one champion (ashe in your case it seems!) and then try to play all the champions several times (you don't have to master them, you just need to play them a couple of times). This is because it will help you realize how those champions are played, what their strengths and weaknesses are. And knowing that, you will know what champion to pick against them and how to play against them! :)

Once you reach level 30, don't start ranked just yet if you don't want to lose your ranked games too much. Just keep playing more normals to farm up ip and complete your rune pages and buy more champions.

Also, it might be useful to start watching high elo players play at that point (or tournaments) if you're not familiar with mobas so that you can observe how they play ranked games and how they play in lane and so on.
Nice, thanks! How can I know if the oppo gets armour? Does it show somewhere? :p
look at their items + just click on them to see their stats on the top left its the second number from bottom iirc
If you press and hold tab, you will see what items they have next to their icon and name.

It might take a while before you know which is which, but for armour it's rather obvious. :)

You can also click on the champion when they're visible and look on the top left and see how much armour and magic resist they actually have straight away.

If about two people got over 100 armour then it's time to bring out the last whisper so that you can still hurt them :) (which is usually 1 chain vest, so it's easy to know! :))
tab mostly shows all players + items
ashe build for real professionals: dorans -> attack speed boots -> infinity edge -> phantom dancer -> bloodthirster or this attacks speed + bf sword axe -> sell boots for moar phantom dancers
where is LW or some defensive item you pro? and selling boots? nigga please
boots > bf sword > infinity edge > attack speed boots / movement speed boots > phantom dancer

last 3 items depends on enemy and your own team, if you are the only real ad output on your team then build maybe Frozen mallet as ashe has one of the lowest base health stats in the game I think. If their team is quite tanky build last whisper if they are more AP damage build build wits end or hex drinker, if they are more ad based atmas impaler - or go for guardian angel if they are more well rounded team, as ashe youll get targetted a lot.

Last item bloodthirster (if not doing enough dmg) or another phantom dancer (if doing good dmg but not getting the kills)

this is by no means a perfect build, solo blind pick games will be 0 teamplay generally and ashe is a target alone. may want to think of another champ ;) check mobafire for basic builds and learn what items are god for through experimenting with one item in a build now and again.

quite important remember not to aim for like 4-5 tier1 items, you will never get there unless you are destroying your opponent (rare) or the game last 1+ hours (rare) one 3k gold item in first 5 items is fine, rest 1-2k better.
Cool, thanks Merl :) I'll prolly will try all of the champs I have atm and I'll notice which one suits me best :)
frozen mallet on ashe? ;o no offence but thats just stupid :p All you have to learn is how to kite well and if thats not enough you get guardian angel. If the game is long enough to actually get 3-4 expensive items opposite team is definitly strong enough to get you down no matter if you have 700 hp more. It costs more than bloodthirster and slow is pointless on her as she has one already. Also, ie + pd is an awesome combo but bt as 1st dmg item works perfectly well for outsustaining your lane or if you're not dying at all.
frozen mallet slow is low %, like 25 so that is more of a bonus (they may well stack too, but I doubt it) that 700 health although low adds around 50% to ashe, which is a massive increase - those are purely situational items anyway its down to your opponent a lot more on the last three items of most builds.
sorry but frozen mallet is not a situational item on ashe
pmme dan gewoon een x
je was niet op xfire :[
Nice site, thanks alot ^^
gewoon featured & approved guides daar lezen & volgen, weet niet welk level je bent maar tot level 25 ofzo houdt men zich niet echt aan de meta dus kan je gewoon ene beetje kloten -> probeer zoveel mogelijk champs te spelen die free to play zijn zodat je weet wat elke champ kan & doet -> kan je weer beter daar tegen spelen
Ben bijna lvl 5 atm haha, pas vandaag geïnstalleerd :o]
streams kijken op own3d en twitch helpt veel, gewoon categorie op league of legends zetten en dan zie je veel goede spelers, meeste zitten op twitchtv tegenwoordig, die guides op solomid zijn ook goed als je wilt weten wat je moet bouwen, add anders l4mpje (lekkerejongen) of matj (matjii) ingame, die zitten rond lvl 13 ofzo nu, kan je samenspelen
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Well basicly LoL 5vs5 teams should have 5 different kind of champs. Those champs have different role in the game. And best team I would go for would be:

- Support
- AD Carry
- AP Mage
- Tank
- Jungler

Now, what these all mean.


This is the class I like to play. Support's main objective is to support his team, mostly AD carry. AD carry and support are mostly playing on bottom lane, which is closer to Dragon, and the Dragon is reason for that, cause with 2 you can kill Dragon, what would be hard for solo top player, which is usually the team's tank.
So more about this support His main role is most often to support AD carry.
Dont Steal

Leave all the last hits for AD carry, so the carry can get much money and get fed. Supports also shouldnt try to get Hero kills, so if you play support, dont try to killsteal, u dont need money as much as your carry does. Fed support cant win the game, but fed carry can

Supports also babysit, which means you are babysitting the carry again, keeping him/her alive as long as u can. Which means like as Alistar u can knock the enemys away from your carry, with sona you can stun them etc, giving your carry a change to get away, or kill the enemies while they cant reach the carry.


This is really important, and seems like many support dont get it. It is very important to ward the map. Places what you should ward:

- What to ward (When to ward)

- Dragon (Lowest level I know who can solo dragon is Shaco who can solo dragon on level 6. but there might be champs who can solo it even earlier, but I would ward it around level 6)
- Baron (in mid/late game from level 12 at least not earlier)
- Middle bushes (mid/late game. Your middle laner SHOULD ward these bushes in the early game, so you shouldnt worry about that at early game. But in mid/late game when you exit laning specific lanes, you are the one who should ward them)
- Your own lane's exit. (Which is usually bottom lane, since u r the support. This ward is to prevent ganks from enemie's jungler, so you can see when he comes and fall back before its too late. This is really important ward, and you should have this place warded all the time, starting from level 2 or 3 or 4. Its up to who is enemis jungler. Different champs can gank at different levels.)

Also if you are pro, you can try "de-warding". I have been trying to do that lately, which means getting vision wards, which can detect stealth objects / units. So when you know your enemy has warded some spot, place a vision ward there and destroy the ward. This can be done with oracle's elixir also, but its too expensive for the early game, and you also lose it everytime you die.

Items and Spells

Everytime you play support, make sure you have clearveance spell from mastery spells. It is really handy, and can even win the game for you at same cases, when you know where the enemy is. If you like spot enemys killing baron -> They are all a bit wounded, -> u rush there, steal the baron and score an ace -> u have won the game if its late game.
For items I would suggest to always buy Heart of Gold, and Philosopher's stone. These items gives you extra money, which you will need since you aint getting any kills or mininon kills. Only assists.
After these items there isnt build that should be always played, you could go for AP (ability Power) to make your spells more effective, or go for CDR (Cooldown reduction) to be able to "spam" the spells. Or you could go for build that includes auras, like higher mana-/health regen, higher armor / magic resist. It depends pretty much about what kind of team you are playing with.

AD Carry

AD comes from words "Attack Damage" and Carry comes from carrying the team These carries are meant to deal huge amount of damage in the late game and carry their teams to victory that way. So AD carry is building Attack Damage / Attack speed build. Some Champs that are good as AD carry:
- Ashe
- Caitlyn
- Sivir
- Kog'Maw (or smth like that, that worm )
- Sivir
- Master Yi

I dont play AD carry at all myself tbh, so if you have something ask about how to play AD carry, you should turn to Pulssi But their main idea in the game is deal massive damage and do it fast. But I got few basic tips for carries:

Last hitting

Last hitting means that you are killing the minion, giving it a hit, that kills the minion so you get the money from the kill. Last hitting is something that should be done well with every champ, expect supports. But its REALLY important for carries, you will HAVE TO have ALOT of money, to be able to carry. Usually you also dont want to push your lane to enemie's turret cause its much harder to kill enemy's champ at their turret, and u are having higher risk to get ganked when you are far away from your own turret. So you should usually only LAST hit the minions, not to damage them. Let your minions to damage enemies minions, and just finish the kills yourself, in that way your lane wont push to enemies turret. However, there still are some points when you should push, those are moments when your lane opponent is dead or on the other side of the map, then its good to push to turret, even if u couldnt do much damage to turret, you still get your own minions killed by turret -> Enemy's champ is losing XP and money.

Target Right champions

It is also really important for carries to know who to target first from enemy team. Its pointless to target enemie's tank, who dont to any damage, but can take a lot of damage. You should always target the weak champs, who deal lot of damage first.


AP comes from words "Ability Power". AP champions that are making most of their damage by their spells. And since Ability Power increases the power of champions spells, AP champions are maxing their Ability Power to make their spells really effective. Some good AP champs:

- Ahri
- Akali
- Malzahar
- Veigar
- Le Blanc
- There are shitloads of them

Again, I dont play AP champs that much myself, expect veigar and Heirmendinger, but not much them either. If you got something to ask about AP champs, you should turn to mAgnum, he plays them pretty much. Even tho, they dont have that much difference from AD carries, expect they are dealing damage by their spells, not with autoattack. Another difference I can figure out it is that AP champs plays most of the time on middle lane. They also need good farm (farm = gaining money from minion kills) to be effective, and mid lane is good for farming. And when you are playing middle, you should remember to ward middle bushes (those bushes on both sides of the river) if enemy team got jungler, cause your support wont do that for you on early game.


Tank is champion that dont deal much damage, but he/she can receive lot of damage without dying. Imo tanks should play at solo top aka playing alone on top lane. Tank champion is also handy if he can last hit well, it will help a lot if your team got well farmed tank. As a solo top laner, you wont have much to do at early game, just make sure you are getting nice farm from minions and dont feed opposite team. If your enemies team dont have jungler, it will be 2v1 on top lane, which means you need to play very carefully close to your turret. That will make farming hard, but its better to not to get so many minion kills than feed the enemies team.

Tank 'em bitches aka Go First

At mid/late game, when you have left your lane and you are going into fights mostly as a team (at least you should ), you need to go always first. You are the tank and you'll need to try to get them focust on you, so your teammates such as AD carry and AP champs wont get killed and they have time to make a lot of damage.

Focust on carries

And again its really important to focust on enemies carries. If you are playing tank champ that can stun, knock back, throw, etc, do that to enemies carries. Then they wont have time to make damage and are getting killed much more easier.


Junglers are champions that starts from the jungle. They are killing jungle's neutral minions and getting buffs from jungles (wolves, golems.. mid/late game also soloing dragon) and gaining levels from those minions, but their most important job to do is to gank. In this way, you can have solo top champ, who is playing alone on top lane which means he will get more minion kills and more XP.


Ganking means that you are attacking some of the three lines suddenly and trying to kill enemy's champions, and if possible, leave the kill for your team's carry. This way, you can suddenly turn the sitsuation from 1v1 to 2v1 and from 2v2 to 2v3. You also should remember to try to gank all lanes, not just one.

What do I need to be able to gank?

In my opinion good ganking champions should have abilitys which can "control" the enemy champs, such as:

- Stun
- Knock back
- Taunt
- Drag
- Fear
- Slow
- Stealth
QuoteTarget Right champions

It is also really important for carries to know who to target first from enemy team. Its pointless to target enemie's tank, who dont to any damage, but can take a lot of damage. You should always target the weak champs, who deal lot of damage first.

With the current metagame you cant ignore the bruisers/tanks as AD carry. You cant just run trough them to hit the weaker ones.

If the game goes mid/lategame part i'd say 85% time the enemy bruiser(s) will solokill you unless AD is fed and have earlymidgame LW.

Most important and probably hardest thing for most people is to learn how to position as AD carry. Your job is not to try kill enemy carries asap. AD carrys job is to stay alive long as possible and deal sustained damage long as possible
yeh true dat. But sometimes you see teamfights (specially when u arent playing premade) where all 10 players are mixed on one plant and carries still shooting tanks ;s
Ashe build

Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer
Last whisper(most of the times)
Quick silver sash/Guardian Angel
Blood thirster

Buy vampiric scepter before any major items.

Read guides, try out every single champion possible so you learn all the skillsets.
LoLpro or

Try save much IP as possible until you hit lvl 20 and you get access to highest tier runes
DONT buy a single rune before lvl 20

After you get a common knowledge of the game start watching high elo streams. I learned fuckloads from them.

Try playing much as possible with people who are lvl 30 already and knows quite a bit about the game. That way you will learn fastest :)

select any of the champion from the list
click a guide and since u dont have runes or that much masteries points
just follow the build and the skill ranking :)
play dota first, then you will understand the real shit, after that you can play any monkeyass cheap copy game (hon, lol etc.)
as saken said

and also you can watch streams of pro players on, mostly they also explain what they done good or shit, same for teammates and opposing team

you dont need more
most players streaming on twitchTV now (dignitas, all solomid streamers including Gmanbob and Epikgamer's players)
good to know. havent watched stream for weeks right now. thx!
Please, just don't use that mobafire shit.

In the lower lvls you will make use of guides ofcourse, especially when you try new champions, but if you need a guide just go to or
Decent guides, made by high elo players.

Afterwards, when you get used to the game, you won't really need the guides anymore. Maybe sometimes for masteries if you're not that familiar with a champion.

After lvl 20 get runes.
I'd recommend you get all of these, since they are always fine:

Marks (red): Greater mark of Insight, Greater mark of Desolation (eventho I'm using these less and less), Greater mark of Strength, Greater mark of Resilience (for supports), Greater Mark of Alacrity (for some junglers)

Seals (yellow): Greater seal of Vitality, Greater seal of Clarity, Greater seal of Resilience

Glyphs (blue): Greater glyph of Force, Greater glyph of Warding, Greater glyph of Focus (tho getting used less and less), Greater glyph of Potency

Quints(brown): Greater quint of Avarice (for supports), Greater quint of Desolation, Greater quint of Swiftness, Greater quint of Fortitude, Greater quint of Strength, Greater quint of Potency

Ofcourse there are a lot of other great runes, but I'd suggest you start by getting these first.

Watch streams at own3d.

If you ever have a question, feel free to add me: hECANATOR

Edit: also start playing every champion at least 2/3 times so you get to know their skillsets. That way you also get to know who counters who.
Also, these are some of the champions you really should start playing if you want to be a bit more competitive:

AP: Cassiopeia, Morgana, Ryze, Ahri, Anivia, Kennen, Galio
AD: Kog'Maw, Corki, Graves, Ashe, Vayne, Urgot
Bruisers: Shen, Olaf, Udyr, Warwick, Riven, Lee Sin, Irelia, Yorick (can be so strong!)
Jungle: Mundo, Shyvana, Nocturne, Amumu, Alistar, Udyr, Maokai, Lee Sin
Support: JANNA BEST SUPPORT, Soraka, Alistar, Taric
Let's play some tommieboyyyyyyy
u can watch my stream if u want
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