UAC Death Triangle

Sunday is the most booring day of the whole week. I wasen't in the mood for ET nor Q4 so i came up with an idea to make a cool firework bomb ( cant call it a bomb tbh ). I had some leftovers from last year. Nothing illegal, just reqular firecrackers ;)

image: 1
As a big doom fan myself i've put the logo of UAC ( Union Aerospace Corporation ) on the backside of my creation.

image: 2
This is where the ignition takes place. This area will be flooded by firecracker powder ( wich can be ignite very easily ). Notice all the matches for a quicker ignition ^^

image: 3
side view ^^

image: 4
Front view taken with a fisheye lens w00t

image: 5
And last but not least, overal view

I wasen't really serious while making this. It was just a time killer :) now lets all shout #care k thx bye
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